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How to Remove Stains From Furniture in 5 Easy Steps

How to Remove Stains From Furniture in 5 Easy Steps

With the amount of time most of us spend relaxing in our own homes, accidents are bound to happen—which include getting all kinds of stains on our precious, clean furniture items. Without proper care, our furniture can be left stained for good.

Luckily, there are methods for cleaning furniture that can leave it looking as new as the day you bought it. At All Dry USA, we recognize the importance of keeping all the elements of your house clean and dry, from your property itself to your furniture inside. We specialize in deep cleaning, mold detection and removal, as well as water damage restoration.

With these top tips to removing stains, you can help clean any kind of mess in your house like the professionals at All Dry USA.


Learn the Cleaning Codes on Furniture

Cleaning codes are found on various kinds of furniture, with couches being the most popular for these tags. On your couch, these tags can often be found under the cushions.

Here is a breakdown of these cleaning codes:

  • W—This means that your couch should be cleaned wet or with water only.
  • S—This code means that you should only clean your couch dry.
  • SW—Naturally, both S and W on a cushion mean that either wet or dry cleaning can be used.
  • X—If you see an X on your couch, it means that cleaning a stain is beyond your help. Take it to a professional for vacuuming or cleaning.

In case your couch doesn’t have these codes, you can try looking on the website for the company your couch comes from. If all else fails, trying a cleaning method on a part of your couch that isn’t on display. This may help determine what kind of method you should use while not destroying your whole couch.

In addition, you should always vacuum your carpet, couch, or any furniture piece to remove crumbs or other debris before you begin cleaning. This can help prevent an even bigger mess from occurring from any remnants possibly sinking into your couch.


Try Steaming the Spot Before Cleanup

Spritzing a little steam on any furniture labeled “W” can be effective in loosening up the stain for better results in treatment. If you have a steamer, you can use it, but breaking out an iron with a “steam” button option can work just as well for smaller spills and spots.


For Food Stains Try Water and Soap

For most food stains, you can easily lift them by wetting a cloth and scrubbing the stain with soap. This is the simplest of the tips on this list.

Most stains can be lifted with warm water, but in case the stain is caused by dairy products like cheese or milk, cold water is best to keep the stain from curdling on the furniture.

If regular soap isn’t working on the stain, try a liquid detergent that has enzymes within it. Letting the stain soak in the detergent before blotting it with a cloth or sponge can help lift the stain.


Baking Soda and Vodka for Grease Stains

If you spill any sort of grease on your furniture, you should either sprinkle baking soda on the spot or try combining baking soda and water to spread over the stain. After about ten minutes of letting the solution sit, vacuum the excess baking soda.

You can use vodka to blot the stain out, or if you don’t have vodka on hand, a toothbrush with regular soap can help scrub the stain away. When you are done, dry the spot with a paper towel.


Use Rubbing Alcohol for Ink Stains

A little bit of rubbing alcohol can go a long way for any stains involving ink from pens. Lightly dab at the spot with a paper towel or cloth, but don’t rub it in, as this can make the stain sink into your couch even further. Start from the outside of the ink stain and work your way in for the best results.


Don’t Forget to Rinse and Repeat

If your given method for stain removal isn’t working, you can always try and try again to remove obnoxious stains.

Removing stains from your furniture can help preserve your belongings in the long term, and help maintain a clean, happy home. All Dry USA, while not a professional furniture cleaning company, does recognize that the beauty of any of your belongings should be preserved.

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