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Why You Should Never Ignore a Damp Basement

Why You Should Never Ignore a Damp Basement

The basement can be one of the most neglected areas of the home. It’s not a popular hangout space for everyone if not renovated. Most people even find going down in their basement to be downright creepy.

Even if you avoid lounging down there, you should be checking on it regularly to make sure there is no damage. The worst damage often results from water and moisture problems. This is a common problem because they are naturally dark and cold areas.

Though a wet or damp basement can seem harmless, here’s why you should never ignore this problem.

What Kind of Problems Can Moisture Cause?

Though many people may not think having a moist basement is a dire situation, its effects can take a serious toll on your entire home. Moisture can cause mold or mildew to form throughout the area and spread. This mold can then cause health problems, including nose and throat irritation or skin reactions. People who are allergic to mold can even have more serious reactions to mold’s presence.

If you have a chronic lung illness or other respiratory issues, mold and mildew can be especially detrimental to your health. Asthma is a common ailment that mold can exasperate. The presence of mold can even cause severe illness in children that would otherwise be healthy.

All Dry USA specializes in mold removal and remediation, so that these problems can go away quickly and be prevented in the future. The quicker you can determine that mold is a problem in your home, the easier it is to get rid of it. All Dry USA can ensure that your home is cleaned, sanitized, disinfected, and cleared of all mold and mildew present in your effected basement. Always call a professional where mold is concerned.

What Are the Sources of Basement Moisture?

Knowing how you can get a damp basement in the first place is a great way to ensure that it won’t become a future problem. Damp basements are often caused by one of three things:

  • Ventilating your basement with humid air. When you open the windows to let warm air in, the humidity can quickly cause water to condense on the walls and the windows inside. This moisture can then lead to bigger problems, like mold or water damage.
  • Interior moisture sources. If you have a shower, washing machine, dryer, or humidifier in your basement, any one of these can leak or cause condensation.
  • Rain, groundwater, or floods. If your home is at a risk of a flood, you should be more cautious of water damage and mold risks in your house in general. As for rain, be sure that no water has found its way inside after a storm. Groundwater can even leak in through flimsy walls if you’re not careful to reinforce them.

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How To Fix a Damp Basement

With all of these different sources of a damp basement, you should know how to identify these problems and how to fix them.

The first thing you should check for is whether or not there is a leak in your basement. If your basement is underneath a kitchen or bathroom, a burst pipe can be the source of your issue. Call a professional to repair your pipes and fix the leaks.

Fixing the circulation in your basement is typically an easier problem to solve. You can start by checking condensation on the walls or windows. Installing a fan or properly insulating the basement can keep the airflow in your basement circulating. This will prevent moisture from sticking on the walls.

Leaks in the basement from floods, rain, or groundwater can be caused by a poor foundation in the house. Fixing floor joists so they are properly connected to your walls can be an expensive and intrusive fix. A professional will be able to more easily diagnose the exact source of your leak if you can’t find a leaky pipe as the source of the problem.

In Conclusion

If your basement is at risk of having pesky water damage, don’t wait to act on it. Though having a damp basement is surprisingly common, it can lead to severe consequences for your home and your family. Contact a professional like All Dry USA to help remediate your home and prevent future damages.


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