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emergency water damage restoration

Water damage is not to be overlooked. You would be surprised at the disastrous effects a few inches of water will have on your property. Not only is this threat to your home or business, but also your health.  

Depending on the water source, dangerous toxins and chemicals may be present, leading to serious health threats like worsened allergies, respiratory infections, or chronic headaches.

At All Dry USA, we are committed to offering water damage restoration & repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand that emergencies happen, which is why we are available when you need us most!



Services That We Offer

At All Dry USA, we can handle all types of restoration including water damage repairs, flooding pump out, mold removal, as well as fire and smoke damage. When it comes to water damage restoration services, here’s what we offer: 

Residential Water Damage Cleanup 

Water Damage Clean Up Pump Out

Was your home flooded due to a burst pipe or leak? Are you unsure of what to do after a catastrophe? If your residence has experienced water damage, it’s essential to act fast.  

Failure to properly clean up the damage will result in serious problems, among them: 

  • Damage to the structure of your home 
  • Formation of mold spores and colonies  

Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours in an area where moisture or high humidity levels are present. This will make emergency restoration services more extensive, consequently, more expensive. 

Moreover, mold is associated with several respiratory problems. If the damage in your home leads to this fungus’ growth, you may be forced to move out of your home.  

Don’t let it get to this point and contact All Dry USA for a water removal service. We’ll assess the damage, dry affected areas, and ensure your home is restored to its natural state.  

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup  

Did you know that even the smallest of leaks can flood commercial properties? If you have water damage in your commercial building, hotel, school, or condominium, All Dry USA is here to help. While flood damage and storms are enough to require vast amounts of restoration, there are also other causes including:

  • Malfunctioning sprinkler systems
  • Broken pipes
  • Damaged appliances 
  • Backed up sewer lines

If your business has experienced water damage, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to clean up and restore the damage, the more extensive the damages will be in the long run.  

Don’t subject your employees to the potential dangers of water damage. Give our restoration company a call today. 

Why You’ll Need Professional Help When Dealing With Water Damage Issues

Water Damage Wall Molding

Are you considering cleaning up the damages on your own? Before you decide to take matters into your own hands, ask yourself if you have the proper tools and experience necessary. 

Unless you do, always call a restoration professional. Failure to remove all moisture from your property will damage the structure, encourage mold growth, and potentially lead to health issues. You need to make sure you dry out damaged walls quickly and inspect your property for mold growth.  

If your home or business has been hit by a massive flood or other natural disasters, call our team of professionals. Our damage restoration services ensure the job gets done right. We have advanced equipment and techniques that will remove water quickly and efficiently.

How All Dry USA Can Help You With Water Damage Problems

At All Dry USA, we take pride in our cost-effective water removal services. Here’s how we’ll help:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, we guarantee to be there when disaster strikes.  
  • Highly Skilled Team of Specialists. Our restoration team has several years of experience dealing with flood damage in residential and commercial spaces.
  • Cutting Edge Technology. Using advanced technology will remove water quickly and efficiently. We use only the best in the industry! 
  • Friendly Customer Support Team. Our team of care specialists is ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have!  

We offer damage restoration services in the following states:  

Our Water Damage Cleanup Process

The cleanup and restoration process varies from situation to situation; however, our general procedure stays the same. Here’s what you can expect from our team:

1.      Inspection and Damage Assessment 

The first step in our restoration process is identifying and stopping the water source. Before starting the water removal phase, we will conduct a detailed inspection of your property and damaged areas. Understanding the severity and scope of the damage will help us develop an effective plan of action. 

2.      Water Removal  

Using our powerful vacuums and pumps, we’ll remove the water from your property. Our advanced machines can handle it all, whether it’s only a few inches of it or thousands of gallons! 

3.      Drying and Dehumidification  

Once all water has been removed from your property, we will remove existing moisture. Most building materials like drywall are porous, meaning they will retain water. This will lead to high levels of moisture, consequently mold growth.

You can have peace of mind that this won’t be the case with our team. We use the best drying and dehumidification equipment, along with monitoring tools to track progress. 

 4.      Cleaning and Sanitizing 

At this point, it’s likely your home will need professional cleaning. We make sure all of your belongings are cleaned and sanitized. This includes furniture, clothing, upholstering, and more!  

5.      Restoration 

The final step is restoring your home or business to reflect its natural state before the flood damage. The restoration process may involve minor repairs like installing new carpet or significant repairs like the reconstruction of specific rooms within your property. 

Do you Need emergency water damage restoration and repair services? Give All Dry USA a call and connect with an expert today.

Commercial: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your water damage restoration process?

    The water damage restoration process is crucial for restoring a property that has sustained damage due to water intrusion. This involves removing excess water, drying out the affected areas, cleaning and disinfecting the space, and finally, repairing and replacing damaged materials. At All Dry USA, we don't skimp on any step—reducing potential health risks and returning your commercial space to its pre-damage condition.
  • What causes water damage?

    There are several culprits - heavy rainfall, rogue pipes, malfunctioning appliances, sewer backups, and flood-water breaking loose. Additionally, unnoticed leaks, HVAC system issues, or compromised building structures can lead to water intrusion. Identifying damage caused by these factors is an aspect we at All Dry USA have diligently perfected: expect swift actions returning stellar restorations.  
  • What are the signs of water damage?

    Indicators of water-related harm encompass wall or ceiling stains, a damp odor, distorted flooring, blistering paint or wallpaper, and evident mold proliferation. Additionally, unexpected spikes in water bills may indicate unseen leaks. The trick is to address these symptoms ASAP; that’s where we come in at All Dry USA - our adept team has got you covered for identifying and resolving all these issues—guaranteeing secure surroundings for your property. 
  • How quickly should I respond to water damage?

    When water damage occurs, time becomes a critical factor. Delaying action may lead to mold growth, weakened structures, and increased costs. Damp spots can start sprouting molds within a day or two. At All Dry USA, we prioritize swift response – it is why we offer 24/7 services to keep things from worsening.
  • What should I do if I have water damage?

    Your first step is to make sure there are no electrical hazards by safely disconnecting power in the affected areas. If you can pinpoint the source of the leak, do so. Record the mess with photos or videos; they'll come in handy for insurance claims down the road. Finally, contact a professional water damage clean-up crew like All Dry USA for an all-inclusive check-up and fix-up.
  • Can I clean up the water damage myself?

    For minor incidents, your household tools should suffice. However, significant water damage requires professional expertise and equipment to root out hidden problems and avoid potential lasting damages in the future. We at All Dry USA advise against DIY for major incidents, prioritizing your property's safety and integrity.
  • How long does water damage restoration take?

    This depends on the sort and seriousness of the harm done. Typically, drying wraps up in 2 to 5 days, while complete restoration stretches on for a couple more weeks sometimes. However, at All Dry USA, we buzz through with speedy quality services, ensuring minimum hold-ups in your business operations.
  • Does my insurance cover water damage restoration?

    The range of insurance coverage depends on your policy and what caused the damage. Typically, if something sudden or unexpected happens, you're covered. But if it's due to neglect or maintenance issues, it might not be claimable. We, at All Dry USA, work hand in hand with insurance providers to aid in claims and make sure things go smoothly.
  • What should I look for in a water damage restoration company?

    You'll want experts who are certified professionals, have a solid reputation, and provide an all-inclusive service. It's crucial they're quick to act and keep an open line of communication throughout everything. At All Dry USA - we pride ourselves in delivering first-rate restoration services accompanied by unparalleled customer care.
  • How can I prevent water damage in the future?

    Regular check-ups, appliance audits, proper drainage measures, and fixing leaks are pivotal preventative actions. With All Dry USA on your side, we not only patch things back but also provide tips to dodge such incidents in the future, thus securing your business property.
  • What other services does All Dry USA offer besides water damage restoration?

    Beyond fixing water damages, there are several other services offered by All Dry USA, like mold remediation, repair of fire damages, and carpet cleaning—just to name a few. Our aim is to become your one-stop solution for all property restoration requirements, ensuring unmatched quality service and customer care.

Residential: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can you respond to a water damage emergency?

    All Dry USA is committed to swift and effective service during water damage crises. We're available 24/7—the key to minimal loss for both you and your insurer.
  • What types of water damage can All Dry USA handle?

    Equipped to address a variety of water-induced troubles, All Dry USA can mend structures dinged by various issues. This includes basement flooding resulting from foundational fissures, dysfunctional sump pumps or ruptured water heaters, rainwater invasion via window wells, or even burst pipes due to chilling weather conditions. Be it Category 1 (least severe) through Category 3 (the "black" contamination—most severe), we handle all levels of damages caused by water invasions in stride.
  • Do you offer water damage services for only residential properties?

    No, All Dry USA delivers complete restoration solutions for both residential and commercial property owners dealing with water damage. Our range of services includes repairs for water damage, flood drainage, mold eradication, along with fire and smoke rectification. 
  • How does All Dry USA prevent mold after water damage?

    All Dry USA initiates several measures to stave off mold propagation after instances of water damage. Our immediate response involves swift action to dehydrate damp areas utilizing industry-grade machinery that guarantees thorough moisture extraction. We enhance ventilation and facilitate air movement using fans. To maintain humidity levels at 50% or lower, we even deploy dehumidifiers and use air conditioning systems to manage indoor temperatures.
  • Can All Dry USA help with insurance claims for water damage?

    Yes, All Dry USA can aid with water damage insurance claims. We possess the necessary tools and understanding to assist in navigating your claim submission process. Offered is a quote as well as guidance on optimizing your insurance payout for water damage. It's critical to recognize that coverage for water damage varies on an individual case basis, determined by what caused the problem. Assistance from All Dry USA ensures clarity about your policy and readiness for worst-case scenarios.
  • What areas do you service for water damage restoration?

    Water restoration services offered by All Dry USA cover multiple states across America. Our reach spans the continental US, with locations available in Florida, Texas, New York, and North Carolina, among others. These offerings extend to both residential properties and commercial spaces; emergency restoration along with large loss disaster recovery are included without exceptions.
  • How long does it typically take for you to dry out a property after water damage?

    Typically, surplus water in a home will naturally evaporate within one to two weeks. Yet, All Dry USA uses specialized tools and techniques to hasten this drying process. We utilize powerful fans for quicker area drying. Depending on the water quantity, you might even witness it vanishing in just a few hours. It's vital to remember that drying duration can differ based on the extent of water damage and the tactics employed.
  • What equipment does All Dry USA use in the water damage restoration process?

    All Dry USA makes use of industrial-grade machinery during the restoration after water damage. This comprises air propellers, dehumidifiers plus systems for drying wooden floors, and very efficient heaters that produce dry, hot air while boosting air movement as well as evaporation. We also use both invasive and non-invasive moisture meters in order to monitor improvement levels. These devices aid in certifying the comprehensive removal of wetness from damaged regions.
  • Do you handle sewage cleanup and disinfection in cases of water damage?

    Yes, All Dry USA can help with sewage cleanup if you have water damage. We have expert staff dedicated to dealing with such issues. Our team follows a thorough process for cleaning the scene. First, all the sewage and water are pumped out. Materials that are beyond repair get discarded in a proper manner. The next step involves using top-quality air movers along with dehumidifiers in order to properly dry up all impacted areas on the premises. 
  • How do you guarantee occupant safety during the restoration from water damage?

    To ensure safety during water damage restoration, All Dry USA implements methods such as immediate evacuation, turning off utilities, professional examination, removal of water using fans, protection for furniture through aluminum foil implementations, and speeding up drying by employing air conditioning systems. These steps safeguard occupant safety throughout the whole undertaking, giving it a top priority.


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