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Emergency Roof Tarp & Repair Service

Protect Your Home or Business From Further Damage

Emergency roof tarping services available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Professional Roof Tarping


Do you have a roof leak or broken windows? Let All Dry USA tarp your roof or board up your windows.

With over 10 years of experience specializing in emergency roof tarping and board ups, we have seen it all. We’ve helped numerous homeowners and business owners just like you. Be confident that All Dry USA can secure your property from any further damage. We can also help repair any damages to your home or office!

Our Emergency Tarp Service includes:
+ Free service Call
+ Free Full Home (interior) Moisture Inspection
+ Free Infrared Leak Detection



Adu Roofing Team


Tarping a roof is your immediate line of defense until repairs can be scheduled. If you have noticed roof leaks or water spots on your ceiling, it is extremely important to act fast. If more bad weather is on its way, having roof leaks is the last thing you want.

Blue roof tarping is an emergency repair that is temporary until a roofing contractor can fix or replace your roof. The professionals at All Dry USA have tarped 1000’s of roofs and we know how to do it right. Many “fly by night” roofers will actually damage your roof or install tarps incorrectly creating a potentially dangerous environment for you and your family. If you need professional roof tarp services, complete the form found on this page or call us today!

We offer a Warranty of 1 year on Services!

Roof Types: Shingle, Tile, Metal and Flat Decks.  We also offer silicone coatings.

On Roof Inspections, we give a thorough inspection of the roof with an itemized list of the roofs condition.

We offer Leak Testing for Roofs to find where exactly the Roof is leaking.

As far as repairs, we will locate the source of the leak and give customer a proposal on repair and the material that will be used for the repair. All repairs will be completed by a licensed roofing professional.

Blue Roof Tarp Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an emergency roof tarp, and when is it necessary?

    A temporary roof tarp serves as an immediate solution for a compromised roof. It's installed on the damage parts of the rooftops temporarily to shield it from rain, wind, or pesky debris. Here at All Dry USA, we believe it’s necessary to use a tarp over the roof right away after incidents like storms, hurricanes, or anything that messes with the roofs' stability. This is to keep your home safe while you figure out a more long-term fix.
  • How long can a tarp be left on a roof before it needs to be replaced?

    A roof tarp's lifespan can range from several weeks to a few months, influenced by the material's quality and environmental factors. We urge all homeowners not to get too comfy with these tarps on their roofs. Remember, they are only temporary lifesavers. Keep an eye on them regularly to figure out when they've done their part and need replacement for something more permanent.
  • What factors influence the lifespan of a roof tarp?

    The lifespan of a roof tarp is influenced by several factors. These include the tarp's material quality, the severity of external weather conditions, the amount of UV exposure, and the quality of its installation. At All Dry USA, we prioritize using top-grade tarps and ensure their proper installation to enhance their longevity.
  • What are the benefits of using a roof tarp?

    Using a tarp on your roof gives you instant defense against any further water pouring in, prevents mold growth, and holds the fort down until proper repairs are taken care of. Over here at All Dry USA, we get it - unexpected roof catastrophes can cause several issues in your day-to-day life. A rooftop tarp provides homeowners relief during this tricky time.
  • How do I know if my roof needs a tarp?

    If your roof has visible damages like missing shingles or holes, or has been through the mill with something major like a storm, you might need to use a tarp. We urge homeowners to give All Dry USA a shout-out for an evaluation. Our crew will point you towards the right way to ensure your home stays safe and sound.
  • What is the process for installing a roof tarp?

    It starts with checking out the damage closely, giving the affected spot a good clean-up, and then nailing down that tarp tight over where it's damaged. We at All Dry USA make sure this protective cover is stretched out nice and snug, anchored securely, and covers the entire roof to keep any leaks at bay.
  • Can I install a roof tarp myself, or do I need a professional?

    While a homeowner might feel it rational to install a roof tarp themselves, we would seriously suggest getting a professional onward. Layering up a tarp means working on a certain height, and calls for the right safety steps to be applied. A seasoned professional makes sure it's put in place securely and correctly, keeping any other risks at bay.
  • What materials are used to make a roof tarp?

    Roof tarps come out of sturdy, sun-proof polyethylene or vinyl mostly. All Dry USA offers a 100% guarantee for the tarps that we use, because they're built to survive whatever Mother Nature sends their way– providing solid shielding against potential harms.
  • How long does it take to install a roof tarp?

    It usually depends on the size and seriousness of the damage. But, at All Dry USA, our well-versed team usually wraps things up in just a few hours, giving your home speedy protection.
  • Can a roof tarp be used as a permanent solution?

    No, a roof tarp is not a permanent solution. While tarps provide immediate protection, it's crucial to pursue permanent roof repairs or replacements to maintain the long-term integrity of your property.
  • What are the risks of not using a roof tarp after a storm or other damage?

    If you skip the roof tarp post-damage, you're looking at problems like water getting in, mold sprouting up, structural damage, and even potential dangers to people living there. At All Dry USA, we underline how vital swift tarping is to avoid these harsh and expensive issues.
  • How do I maintain my roof tarp to prolong its lifespan?

    To keep your roof tarp usable for months, do regular checks for wear and tear, make sure it stays tightly hooked in place, and clear off any debris or standing water. The team at All Dry USA can help with maintenance checks so that your shield stays strong.
  • What other roof repair services does All Dry USA offer?

    All Dry USA offers an array of solutions when your roof needs repair – we find leaks early on, replace shingles as required, work on structural repairs, and even complete revamps if needed. Our dedicated team ensures that all roof-related repair services are tackled with skillful efficiency.
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