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24/7 Emergency Board Up & Property Protection Services

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Emergency board up & property protection services available 24/7, 365 days a year!

24/7 Emergency Board Up & Property Protection Services

Has your Florida home recently been struck by a hurricane, causing windows to cave in and leaks in the roof? Perhaps you own a business in Texas where tornadoes and windstorms are more common than we’d like.  

Whether you’re preparing for an incoming natural disaster or repairing damaged windows, give All Dry USA a call. We offer a quick, temporary fix until you’re able to improve your windows fully.



Services That We Offer

Before packing up your bags and heading for safe ground, make sure your property is protected. Here are some of the emergency protection services that we offer:  

Residential Board Up & Property Protection Services

A common reason homeowners invest in board up services for their windows is to secure their home before a natural disaster strikes. However, we can’t always plan for this kind of emergency. There are unplanned events that require immediate attention, among them being:   

In many cases, these situations also call for an emergency tarping service. For instance, if you live in Florida, you receive a lot of rainfall between May and November. Tarping, the roof of your home, will protect it during these months and avoid endless, expensive leaks.  

When disaster strikes, you need to act quickly. All Dry USA is here to protect your home in an emergency. We offer emergency board-up services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Commercial Board Up & Property Protection Services  

Damage to your commercial building can range from a cruel act of vandalism to a vehicle veering off the road and hitting your property. The damage that’s likely to happen in these emergency events is significant and requires immediate attention.  

Thinking about boarding up windows yourself?  

Unless you have experience boarding up facilities, you need to leave this service in professionals’ hands. Not only will you spend hours covering exposed entryways like windows, but the board up process can be dangerous if you don’t have the tools and experience needed. 

Our team uses fitted boards to prevent damaging windows or door frames. These boards are much more stable and stronger than anything you’ll find at your local hardware store. With experience boarding up medical facilities, warehouses, office buildings, and more, you can trust us to care for your property when an emergency strikes!

Why You’ll Need Board Up & Property Protection Professional Help

There are many reasons your property may require an emergency professional board up service. Perhaps your home has been damaged by a natural disaster. Other times, acts of vandalism lead to broken windows. Leaving these open entries unattended may lead to burglars. 

Other times, you just want to protect your home or business from the weather. There may be a strong storm on its way, so you want to make sure you’re covered in the case of an emergency. Taking these preventative measures is a great way to protect yourself, your family, your employees, and your assets.

How All Dry USA’s Board Up & Property Protection Services Can Help You

Our experienced board-up specialists use advanced tools and techniques to ensure all glass shreds are correctly collected and disposed of. With our emergency services and solutions, you’ll have a temporary fix until your windows can be replaced. 

Moreover, our emergency services will prevent the drafting of cold or hot air, offer a secure space, and keep your window frames safe from damage. All Dry USA is here to protect your home or business and prevent further damage after (or before) a disaster hits.

Our Board Up & Property Protection Process

The emergency technicians at All Dry USA are transparent and honest from start to finish. Our process is straightforward and consists of the following steps:  

  1. We’ll begin by conducting an initial assessment of your home or business to figure out exactly how much damage we’re dealing with. 
  2. Our team will develop an emergency board up plan to prevent any further damage from happening (same applies if you’re seeking a preventative service). 
  3. Using our advanced tools and equipment, we’ll board up all windows quickly, safely, and efficiently.  
  4. We will also coordinate the board up removal for your insurance company adjuster accessibility.  

To learn more about our emergency board up services, give us a call. All Dry USA looks forward to securing your home and property whenever you need us most.

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For an emergency board up and property protection service, give All Dry USA a call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get in touch with us today!

Residential: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I consider Property Protection & Board Up service?

    After incidents like fires, vandalism, or natural disasters that leave your property vulnerable to more damage or unauthorized entry, you'll want to seek out All Dry USA's Property Protection & Board Up service right away. We're here to prevent any additional damages and to keep your property safe from possible threats, helping you stay calm even in unexpected emergencies.
  • What types of properties can benefit from Property Protection & Board Up service?

    All sorts of places can make use of our Property Protection & Board Up services. These are custom-made for a variety of properties – from residential and commercial buildings to industrial spaces, and other structures at risk. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single home or a sky-high office building; we’ve got what it takes to handle any property type.
  • What are the benefits of Property Protection & Board Up service?

    When you go for these services, there's a lot in store for property owners. You're looking at improved security against uninvited access, weather-related damage prevention, less chance of additional structural problems, and peace of mind knowing all is good, with your property secured. We work hard to lessen the potential risks and ensure that the surroundings are safe during the restoration process.
  • How quickly can All Dry USA respond to a Property Protection & Board Up request?

    All Dry USA is all about swift action, especially when it comes to Property Protection and board-up requests. We're on standby 24/7, often getting on the scene within hours to scope things out and kick off the boarding-up process, making your property as safe as ever.
  • What is the process for Property Protection & Board Up service?

    Once we get your ring, All Dry USA sends a team out pronto to take a look at what exactly your property needs. Then we whip up a customized protection plan that covers all bases and make sure everything's locked down – windows, doors, any openings. Safety is always top priority for us, and efficiency is crucial to ensure tip-top protection.
  • What materials are used for Property Protection & Board Up service?

    At All Dry USA, we use only the best materials for our Property Protection & Board Up service – we're talking heavy-duty stuff like plywood and tarps, along with specialized seals. Rest assured, these materials aren't just made tough but are also good against Mother Nature, keeping your premises secure.
  • How long does the Property Protection & Board Up service take?

    The timeline for our Property Protection & Board Up work fluctuates depending on how big the property is and how much damage there is. But here at All Dry USA, we try to keep things quick — most times wrapping up in just a few hours, so you spend less time being vulnerable.
  • Does All Dry USA offer any warranties or guarantees for Property Protection and board-up service?

    Absolutely! At All Dry USA, we believe in standing by what we do. Offering warranties and assurances for our Property Protection & Board Up services is just one way we ensure that you get top-tier workmanship and ultimate peace of mind. Our dedication to superb quality and customer contentment never wavers.
  • What sets All Dry USA apart from other Property Protection and board-up service providers?

    It's all in how we blend swift response times with unrivaled expertise, topped off with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction that really differentiates us from the rest. More than simply offering service, we provide that much-needed comfort, so that you know that your property's security and safety are in capable hands.
  • Are All Dry USA technicians licensed and insured?

    Absolutely! The professionals at All Dry USA are all licensed, trained, and insured. They're put through their paces with rigorous training to keep up-to-date with industry techniques and safety dos and don'ts. Moreover, at All Dry USA, we follow all industry standards set by different regulations.
  • What safety measures are taken during Property Protection & Board Up service?

    All Dry USA puts safety first and foremost. We stick to stringent safety commandments, operate specialized gear, and look after both the team members and properties during boarding-up gigs. Our primary goal? A risk-free setup for service delivery.
  • Can All Dry USA assist with insurance claims related to Property Protection and board Up service?

    Yes, All Dry USA holds considerable expertise in dealing with insurance companies. We help customers untangle the tricky web of insurance claims connected to Property Protection & Board Up services, making things easier in these rough patches.

Commercial: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of properties does All Dry USA protect?

    All Dry USA helps keep many kinds of business properties safe. We work with shops, offices, schools, hospitals, and more. Our team is equipped and skilled to handle the unique challenges presented by different types of commercial properties—ensuring that we provide tailored solutions that mitigate water damage and safeguard the integrity of each specific property type.
  • What specific services are included in the Property Protection & Board Up service?

    All Dry USA does more than just install boards over openings when it comes to Property Protection & Board Up services. We're all about those robust, comprehensive solutions - we secure every opening from windows to doors with sturdy materials, put up temporary fences if needed, throw tarps over the roof so water can't get in, and draw a line around the damage area to keep out any unwelcome visitors or extra damages. 
  • How fast can you help in an emergency?

    In times of emergency, All Dry USA prides itself on delivering swift and efficient responses to cater to immediate property protection needs. Mostly, we can get our skilled team to the spot needing help within a few hours of a call. We try to work fast to stop more damage and keep the place secure.
  • Can All Dry USA protect properties after a natural disaster?

    Yes, we can. We are very skilled at keeping properties safe after bad weather or other disasters like a storm. We act fast to stop more damage and keep the place safe from people who shouldn't be there.
  • What does All Dry USA do to stop more damage during the protection process?

    We check the building carefully and look at where risks might be. We then do things like using materials that won’t let water in and strengthening weak spots to keep the property safe and stop more damage from taking place.
  • Does All Dry USA offer temporary fencing or roof coverings?

    Yes, we do. We offer temporary fences and roof covers to keep your property safe and shielded from the weather. This means safety and less worry for you.
  • Does All Dry USA give any guarantees or warranties for their Property Protection & Board Up service?

    We stand behind the quality of our services. While the specifics of our guarantees or warranties may vary based on the project's nature, we consistently uphold the highest standards of workmanship and service. Clients can rest assured that they're receiving top-tier protection when partnering with All Dry USA.
  • What steps does All Dry USA take to make sure my business isn’t too disrupted during the property protection process?

    We value your business continuity. To ensure minimal disruption, we schedule our operations in a manner that aligns with your business hours or during off-peak times. Furthermore, our team works efficiently to expedite the process, and we always maintain open communication to accommodate any specific needs or preferences you might have.
  • Does All Dry USA work with insurance companies for commercial property restoration claims?

    Absolutely, here at All Dry USA, we have a close relationship with insurance firms to make commercial property restoration claims as smooth as possible. We meticulously document the damages and provide the requisite documentation, while liaising directly with insurers, aiming to streamline the claims process for our commercial clientele. Our goal is to facilitate a swift recovery for your business with minimal bureaucratic hurdles.
  • How does All Dry USA handle sensitive or valuable items during the Property Protection & Board Up process?

    Keeping your precious or sensitive stuff perfectly safe is our major concern at All Dry USA. We utilize a thoughtful procedure, which includes meticulous cataloging, cautious packaging - and moving these items to a secure, climate-controlled facility if needed. Our experts have been trained to manage and safeguard valuable possessions with the highest level of care and thoughtfulness, making sure that they are kept protected all through the Property Protection & Board Up process, followed by restoration. 
  • How does All Dry USA ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations during the restoration process?

    At All Dry USA, we adhere to local building codes during our restoration process. Our crew stays abreast of the prevailing local, state, and federal rules when it comes to commercial property repair. We plan and action our recovery moves with pinpoint precision to not just meet but go above and beyond compliance standards. This way, all work is carried out in accordance with the legal rulebook – which keeps our clients safe from any possible regulation issues down the line.


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