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Storm Damage Restoration ServicesWeather is often unpredictable, and storms can cause extensive damage to a home or commercial building. Ice, snow, wind, rain, and hail can leave behind a trail of destruction. However, professional storm damage restoration can repair damage from natural disasters that impact your home.

All Dry USA offers storm damage repair and restoration to help you quickly resume your life after a storm. As a top restoration company serving Florida, New York, North Carolina, and Texas, we are available 24/7. Call today to request service.



Residential & Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

Whether your community experiences a devasting flood or hurricane-force winds, you can count on All Dry USA to be there for you. We understand that disasters occur at all hours. So, our restoration experts are always available to assess, secure, and restore your property.

You will receive an immediate local response when you call All Dry USA. As a certified and insured company, we will deploy a fully trained team to your location. We use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect and repair any area of your property affected by inclement weather.

At All Dry USA, we work hard to mitigate storm damage and restore your home or business to its original condition. With our expertise, experience, and industry-leading equipment, we can address interior and exterior storm damage and take measures to keep your property safe during restoration.

Our Storm Damage Repair Services


Storm damage can range from minor to severe and affect all parts of a building. Some of these issues are not always evident to the untrained eye. At All Dry USA, we recommend contacting our team immediately to repair the following storm damages:

Flood Damage

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Water can cause significant structural damage to your property. Without immediate water removal and cleanup, the flood damage can lead to mold, wood rot, and the destruction of personal belongings.

Wind Damage

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes produce winds strong enough to rip shingles off your roof or hurl projectiles through your siding and windows. We can evaluate and repair damage to your roof, siding, gutters, and other essential structures.

Lightning and Hail Damage

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Lightning damage and hail damage can cause severe property damage in the blink of an eye. Hail can puncture your roof and shatter glass. If lightning strikes your home, you’ll likely experience fire damage, but All Dry USA offers fire damage restoration, too.

What To Do After Sustaining Storm-related Property Damage


During severe weather, your residential or commercial property may have more than one type of damage leading to unsafe conditions. It’s essential to act quickly when the storm passes to minimize the lingering effects of the storm.

Below our team outlines some of the first steps to take after a storm:

  • Reach out to the All Dry USA storm damage restoration experts for a property damage assessment.
  • If you have homeowners or renters insurance, file a claim to report damages. We have experience working with all major insurance companies and can assist with your claims process.
  • Take note of potential safety hazards like downed electrical lines, and contact the appropriate authorities.
  • Avoid flooded areas to prevent encountering waters with an electrical current, sharp objects, and other threats.

Our Storm Repair and Restoration Process


1.) Emergency Services to Ensure the Property’s Safety 

As a knowledgeable storm damage restoration company, our technicians know how to identify safety hazards. The first step in our restoration process is to reduce the risk of future hazard exposure and prevent additional damage. We may remove fallen trees or board up windows and doors.

2.) Initial Damage Inspection

Call All Dry USA any time for a storm damage inspection. A trained inspector will immediately assess your home to identify storm-related issues that could lead to short-term or long-term problems.

3.) Property Drying and Dehumidifying

If your home has flood damage, we will use commercial-grade vacuums, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry the property’s interior completely. Without flood damage cleanup services, mold will grow from the retained moisture, leading to new problems.

4.) Repair and Reconstruction Services

Our team will provide exceptional repair services. We can handle everything from roof repair to carpet stain removal to complete interior remodeling.

Storm Damage Insurance Claims


Dealing with the aftermath of a severe storm is stressful. Unfortunately, filing an insurance claim for the damage can be overwhelming for some people with damaged property. The All Dry USA storm restoration experts have years of experience developing a solid relationship with most major home and commercial insurance providers.

We know how to navigate the complexities of insurance restoration claims. Though we advise every client to check on their insurance policies to learn their precise coverage, we can help you with the claims filing process. Our technicians will thoroughly document the damage and possibly bill the insurance company directly.

Count On ADU for All Your Storm Damage Repair Needs


Natural disasters can create severe issues for your home and property. However, you can count on All Dry USA to provide superior storm damage restoration and repair services. Our team has years of experience helping clients with the aftermath of various storm damages, including wind, rain, and hail.

Call All Dry USA at 888-998-2379 to request prompt storm damage repair and cleanup services. Our team is always ready to perform an in-person inspection or answer any questions you may have. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for your convenience.


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