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How Much Does It Cost to Detect a Water Leak?

How Much Does It Cost to Detect a Water Leak?

If you suspect you have a leak and you can’t find it, you can hire a water leak detection service. A member of a restoration and repair services firm comes to your place of residence or work to detect any leaks you suspect may be occurring.

These professionals take the time to set up cameras, run hydrostatic water tests, and conduct smoke testing to detect any potential threats to the infrastructure of your building due to leaks. From there, you can get the leak repaired either through the same firm or through a different one.

However, you might be hesitant to invest in a professional coming to your home because of the cost. You might be tempted to try to fix the leak on your own, but this takes much more time, and you might not fix the leak correctly, if you ever find it.

Here, we’re breaking down what water leak detection services are, why we recommend hiring a professional to find your leak, and how much these services cost.

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Cost Breakdown of Water Leak Detection Services

There are several factors go that go into the cost breakdown of water leak detection services, such as:

  • Type of services needed.
  • Costs for local material and equipment delivery to and from the job site.
  • Costs to prepare the worksite for detection. This includes measures to protect existing structures.
  • Mobilization time.
  • Hourly charges included for detection jobs.

Keep in mind that these are only for detecting the leak, not fixing it. It also doesn’t consider the costs for:

  • Removing or repairing existing systems.
  • Testing or removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead.
  • Contractor overhead.
  • Tax on materials and supplies or permit inspection fees.

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Factors That Can Affect the Costs of Leak Detection

Location of Leak

  • Slab leaks are leaks that happen underground in your house slab. When detecting these leaks, professionals will use electronic location equipment and acoustic tools to find out the origin point of the leak. These services typically cost between $99-700 depending on how deep and severe the issue is.
  • Ceiling leaks are the most familiar kinds of leaks, characterized by water dripping down from your ceiling. This type of leak requires hydrostatic and smoke tests, infrared cameras, and other equipment. They might even need to cut into your walls to solve this issue. You can expect to pay between $275-2,000 for this service.
  • Basement leaks are common, simply because it’s the lowest point in your home. These are the most expensive types of leaks due to the difficulty of remedying them. These types of leaks cost between $550-3000 to fix.
  • Roof leaks are difficult to find since it takes a long time to start noticing visible symptoms such as mold. Roof leaks, when detected and remedied, cost about $500-3000.

Type of Leak

The type of leak also plays a part in how much leak detection costs. Category 3 leaks, which are known as black water leaks, are the most expensive and urgent to fix. This is because they contain hazardous materials or fluids that are dangerous to humans and animals.

Category 1 and 2 leaks can still be severe and require immediate attention but are less expensive.

A Beaker With Water For Sampling Type of Services Needed

There are many other ways to detect leaks, but these are the main two methods:

  • Hydrostatic water testing is a test that is used to test tanks and pipes for leaks. In this test, the pipes are filled with water, which pressurizes the vessel. Then, the pipe is monitored for changes in pressure. Any changes in pressure indicate that the system has been compromised and must be repaired.
  • Smoke testing is when artificial smoke is run through a pipe system and monitored for any leaks. This is a simpler alternative to hydrostatic water testing, simply because the leaks are detected when smoke comes out of a place that it shouldn’t.

Equipment Needed

The price of the leak detection service will also rise if any special equipment is needed to fix it, such as acoustic tools.

What to Look for In a Leak Detection Company?

When looking for a leak detection company, you’ll want to hire:

  • A team with plenty of experience in the restoration field.
  • These professionals should be reliable and available 24/7 for any unexpected emergencies.
  • The team should also have state-of-the-art equipment for finding even the smallest and most evasive leaks.

Finally, the company you hire should be knowledgeable in all general contractor areas, even if you only hire them for leak detection. This way, they can fix any damage your leaks caused to your property and give recommendations for future services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is leak detection so expensive?

There is no one process for leak detection. The high price comes from using many different devices and products to locate the issue. You don’t want to go for a budget option when it comes to leak detection in your home.

Is there a tool to detect water leak?

There are several. Experts use heat scanners, microphones, cameras, and more to detect water leaks. These are professional grades and not widely available to the public.

Can plumbers detect leaks?

Yes. Plumbers are trained to find and patch leaks. Their experience will help them pinpoint a leak quickly and efficiently. Always trust a licensed plumber when it comes to leaks.


Early intervention is essential when it comes to leaks and preventing future damage, but that depends on whether you call a team of professionals before the damage worsens.

If you suspect that you might have a leak in your home or place of business, contact our team at All Dry USA for the leak detection services you need!


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