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Should I Clean or Replace My Carpet?

Should I Clean or Replace My Carpet?

A clean, safe, hygienic carpet in your home is worth a lot. There’s nothing better than walking on something that feels great and doesn’t look like a wet dog in the rain. But when your carpet starts looking worse for wear, it’s time to make an executive decision.

Cleaning or replacing the carpet—it’s the million-dollar question. Cleaning can repair a lot of the damage, but some issues run deep into the fibers. You won’t be able to resolve them without a total replacement.

Not sure whether to keep or lose your worn-out carpet? How long is too long before cleaning or replacement? We answer these questions and more! Let us demystify things a little bit!

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3 Signs You Need Your Carpet Cleaned

Don’t remove your carpet unless you need to—a good, professional clean could be all you need to get things under control. Read on to discover clear signs that your carpet just needs a deep clean.

1. Stains

When a motley of stains has made your carpet look like a giraffe’s coat, you may think you have no choice but to replace the whole thing. You may be wrong! You can remove a lot of stains, including wine and coffee, with the help of a professional cleaner.

Most homes are full of potential threats to carpet, from food and alcohol to muddy shoes and unfortunate pet mishaps. No matter how clean and careful you are, stains will build up.

Once your carpet has accumulated enough stains that you can’t stand it anymore or just one big one tips things over the edge, it may be time for a professional steam clean!

2. Discoloration

Ever look at old photos and wonder if your carpet really used to look like that? It may not be a trick of the eye!

Discoloration happens gradually. You may not notice the slow color change, but eventually, all carpets will start to lose it, especially if your color is on the brighter side.

Not sure if this is true of yours? Try looking at more walked-on or worn-down areas, such as in the middle of the room where people pass by. Comparing those sections to others toward the fringes of your carpet may reveal more than you think.

After a professional cleaning, the chances are your carpet will look bright and full of color once again.

3. It’s Been a While

Aren’t sure the last time you got professional steam clean? Perhaps you never did at all? If you have lived in your home for over five years without once getting a steam clean, you may benefit from doing so regardless of your carpet’s looks.

Not all problems due to unclean carpets are visible, and you might be helping yourself and your loved ones stay healthy.

The time for a deep clean could be especially urgent if you rent. Even with laws on habitability in some states, landlords have a reputation for ignoring carpet cleaning. While you may have assumed the landlord would have steam-cleaned the carpet before you moved in, it’s not always the case. A good vacuum does not compensate for the benefits of a deep professional clean.

It's Been a While

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet

When all possibilities are exhausted, or your carpet is too old, it might be time to say goodbye. To know when all possibilities are lost, read on below!

1. Wear & Tear From Age

One thing that no level of cleaning can fix is a worn-out or ripped-up carpet. Unfortunately, when your carpet has clear signs of coming to bits, there’s no chance of cleaning it better.

There are examples of a carpet that looks worn out but merely needs a serious cleaning. If your carpet is flat and lifeless, you can bring it back to life with a serious clean. A steam clean will lift the fibers and restore the carpet’s bounce.

However, a carpet that has run its lifespan won’t become plush again with mere sprucing up. Check if the fibers are damaged or worn out and if the carpet has run its course.

2. Foul Odor

All old carpets smell a little. Years of animals, children, bare feet, and food stains will do that! Most of the time, a professional cleaning will help eliminate your more common odors. However, it’s better to say goodbye when it comes to some stenches.

If the odor is sudden and overpowering, you may be looking at something more serious. If this is the case, especially without explanation, try and check the dampness of your carpet.

You may have rotted in your carpet’s fibers or even beneath it. If this is the case, no amount of cleaning can help you for a long!

3. Evidence of Mold

Aside from being generally gross, household molds can be seriously dangerous to you and your family. When you see or smell mold, professional cleaning may not be enough to remove it.

In this case, a complete replacement may be the healthiest solution. Mold can lead to allergies, asthma symptoms, and even long-term conditions. The extra money spent now will likely make a lot of difference later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Replace Your Carpet?

Roughly every 3-10 years. After three years, your carpet could begin showing signs of damage. While most carpets last five years on average, some lower-quality ones will deteriorate more quickly. If you see signs of wear in three years, it may already be time to think about replacing it.

A carpet that is not replaced, especially after 10+ years, can trap odors, dirt, grime, and even mold that become potentially dangerous for you and your family.

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Carpets require more than the weekly vacuum—a deep clean every year is best to keep it in mint condition and extend its longevity. But if you see warning signs like mold, it’s time for a replacement.

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