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Can I Salvage My Carpet after Flooding?

Can I Salvage My Carpet after Flooding?

Whether or not the carpet can be saved depends on so many factors. Some of these include the age and quality of the carpet, the installation type, and type of floodwater involved. The type of water is essential because it helps decide if the water damage can be successfully cleaned. The water damage restoration industry classifies flood water into three categories:

  • Clean water- Saving a carpet damaged by water from a broken pipe or rainwater that has not been contaminated is possible. The carpet, however, should not have been wet for more than 48 hours. If it has been in this water for too long, it may be difficult to clean.
  • Greywater- This is water that has been contaminated. This water can cause illnesses when drunk or if it comes into contact with the body. Greywater includes overflow from the toilet, sump pump, aquariums, washing machine, and dishwasher. Clean water that has been in contact with the carpet for more than two days also falls under this category. The padding should be replaced, but the carpet could be salvageable.
  • Blackwater- This is water that is highly contaminated by pathogens and other harmful elements. Sources of blackwater include toilet backflows, sewage, seawater, overflow from rivers, and water from hurricanes. Greywater that has been into contact with the carpet for more than two days is also classified as blackwater. Cleaning a carpet that has been in contact with blackwater is unfortunately not possible.

Every home’s water damage situation is different, so you can’t be sure if the carpet can be salvaged without consulting a professional. All Dry USA can help with such a situation. We will assess the situation and advise you accordingly. You should report the damage as soon as you realize it to reduce the cost of restoration.




Is DIY Flooded Carpet Cleaning Possible?

Cleaning a carpet that has been water damaged by clean water yourself is possible. It might also save you money. However, going for professional carpet cleaning services like the ones we offer at All Dry USA is a better solution. If you clean the carpet at home, it might take too long to dry because the drying options are limited to vacuums, fans, and natural heat. Restoration of carpets requires professional drying equipment. We have the right equipment to dry and sanitize your carpet.

Dealing with Odor from Carpets

A clean carpet should have no noticeable odor. On the other hand, a carpet that has been water damaged may give off a pungent smell.

Carpets attract and retain floating spores of mold and mildew present in the air. They also absorb any moisture on the floor and from the air. These properties make carpets a habitat for microbial growth, which produces odor. Once water-damaged, carpets can grow mold in less than 24 hours. Professional cleaning before the mold grows can help to control the odor. However, controlling this foul smell will be nearly impossible if water damage occurs and mold grows.

Controlling Mold

A carpet that has been damp and untreated for more than 48 hours is likely to have mold. You should inspect it and look out for discoloration. Mold grows deep in the carpet pile, so it is not possible to notice visible growth. Discoloration and any other evidence of fungal growth should be investigated and treated. You must also look out for musty smells and unexplained allergies such as sneezing, coughing, eye irritations, and itching. This could be signs of the presence of mold if the carpet has been recently water damaged.

Once you notice that the carpet has mold or odor, drain any water that may be left on it before calling a professional. You can use a vacuum to drain the excess water. The next step is to start dehumidifying to take out the residual moisture. Once this is done, open the windows and start the air conditioning system to make sure there is enough air circulation. Try cleaning the carpet using steam cleaning and disinfectants. With these steps, you will be preventing more water damage and the growth of mold, mildew, and other microscopic organic particles present in the air. Further cleaning by a professional restoration company will salvage your carpet for sure.

Bottom Line

The possibility of restoring your carpet depends on how fast you act and the type of water involved. Contact a professional carpet cleaner as soon as you identify this problem.


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