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Who to Hire for Hotel Fire Damage Clean Up & Repair

Who to Hire for Hotel Fire Damage Clean Up & Repair

Dealing with a hotel fire and the damages can be overwhelming. Not only has your hotel been damaged by flames and smoke, but the firefighting efforts have likely caused significant water damage. The longer you wait to repair the damage, the more repairs you’ll need.

After a fire, water, or biohazard damage in your hotel, you need to prioritize your guests instead of stressing over cleanup and repairs. The scale of the damage clean-up and repair is why you need to hire the right team to restore your hotel.

Here, we’ll cover the entire hotel fire restoration process and how to deal with the situation.

What is the Most Common Cause of Hotel Fires?

Every industry is at risk of fire hazards, and the hospitality sector isn’t any different. While 56% of hotel fires were small, confined fires, the remaining 44% spread across other areas.

We’ll cover the most common causes of hotel fires to help you protect yourself and your guests.

Kitchens and Cooking Equipment

The kitchen is where 41% of hotel structural fires start. These hotel fires also accounted for 25% of civilian injuries and 8% of civilian deaths.

A kitchen poses many fire hazards that can quickly escalate if not monitored. Many fires can break out, from cooking oils to open flames. The risks stem from faulty or unsupervised equipment, the use of combustible materials, and human error.

Electrical Equipment

Hotels are full of electrical appliances, and there’s always a potential risk of electrical fires. Whether a large appliance like a fridge or smaller ones like hairdryers and irons, all it takes is a tiny spark from faulty wiring to ignite flames. The best way to minimize the risk is to test all electrical appliances yearly.


Having guests who smoke in their rooms can be dangerous. Accidentally dropping a lit cigarette on the sheets can set fire to the room’s upholstery, bed linen, and other flammable materials.

Hospitality venues need to offer easily accessible and highly visible ashtrays for smokers to dispose of their cigarettes.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

The wirings in a hotel can become faulty with time and pose a fire hazard. Electrical outlets that show charring or are hot to the touch have a problem with the wiring. The issue requires immediate repairs by a licensed electrician. Sometimes, rodents can lead to electrical faults, especially if they chew through the wires.

Cluttered Exit Routes

Cluttered exit routes further increase the fire risk. For example, storing rubbish, boxes, or other flammable materials near the exit can spread the fire. If items block the escape, it leaves people with little time to react and makes it more difficult to evacuate the hotel. This risk is easily avoidable by establishing clear exit routes.

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Intentional Fires

Unfortunately, no amount of safety precautions entirely prevent fires from happening. Arson attacks are a devastating and deliberate form of fire starting. However, small, the flames can quickly spread and lead to catastrophic damage. The key is to have CCTV surveillance cameras to deter intentional fires.

How to Deal With Fire Damage at Your Hotel

If you’re facing hotel fire damage, taking the proper steps to correct the situation to get your business back running as soon as possible is imperative. The longer your hotel isn’t operating, the more losses you can incur. Here’s how you can quickly deal with this situation.

Collect Evidence of Any Fire-Related Damage

If your hotel suffers from fire damage, the first thing you’ll need to do is call your insurance company. While it’s tempting to begin the cleanup process immediately, insurance companies need to see evidence of the damage before honoring your claim.

This evidence will include photos from employees and yourself. Adjusters and insurance loss assessors often need to see the evidence for themselves. That means you’ll want to keep hold of:

  • Photos of fire and smoke-damaged rooms
  • Damaged furniture and furnishings like carpets
  • Receipts from cleaning companies and other services such as emergency builders hired to enable re-entry to the hotel
  • Proof that your fire safety equipment and smoke alarms were in good working condition

Hire Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Experts

The fire’s aftermath can lead to water and smoke damage. These consequences can delay your reopening and provide quality service to your hotel guests.

Contact a reliable fire damage repair company in your area, such as All Dry USA, to ensure your property is thoroughly inspected, cleaned up, and restored. Hiring the right experts lets you open your doors and confidently provide guests with top-of-the-line service.

What Is the Hotel Fire & Smoke Damage Repair Process?

The top priority is getting your hotel fixed up and ready to take on guests. Handling the fire damage restoration process well can allow you to reverse the damage caused by flames, smoke, and soot. We’ll explain the hotel fire and smoke damage repair process in detail, so you know what to expect.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

The best hotel fire damage repair companies provide emergency services, which can provide immediate relief for your property. While it’s the fire department’s job to put out fires, fire damage restoration services can prevent damage from spreading.

For example, if a fire burns a hole through the roof, rain coming through the ceiling can lead to extensive water damage. Receiving immediate emergency restoration can prevent problems from becoming more severe.

Step 2: Initial Assessment

Once the fire department has extinguished the flames, an inspector will determine the necessary repairs. Depending on the damage, you may need to hire contractors such as carpenters, roofers, plumbers, and carpet installers.

Step 3: Safety and Prevention

After the initial assessment, the fire restoration experts will block off unsafe areas to prevent further damage or injury. Zoning also protects you from liability since you could be at fault if a guest or employee were to get injured from the hazards.

The experts can prevent further damage. For example, if the fire caused a burst pipe, these experts will act quickly to stop the water from spreading. Adding a tarp to a damaged roof also safeguards the property from elements.

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Step 4: Soot and Debris Removal

After a hotel fire, the property will be overwhelmed by the smoke smell and covered in soot. Fire restoration technicians work to remove debris, smoke, and soot. They’ll scrub the ceilings and walls and apply deodorization products to ensure odor removal.

Step 5: Water Removal and Sanitization

Next, water damage restoration technicians may eliminate standing water to dry out the affected area. Specialized equipment such as fans, dehumidifiers, and air movers may disinfect the site and prevent mold growth. The fire repair team may use cleaning agents to salvage the flooring, upholstery, drywall, furniture, and other items.

Step 6: Repair Damage

Repairing the fire damage to the property will differ depending on the severity. Restoration technicians will begin repairing jobs such as:

  • Repair or replace the roof
  • Install new flooring
  • Replace windows and doors
  • Fix damaged plumbing components
  • Remove and replace drywall

These technicians have subcontractors they hire, removing the responsibility of finding these professionals.

The fire damage restoration company may provide some debriefing and consultation to help you prevent future fires. For example, they may recommend finding the best smoke detectors or offer design advice for your rooms.

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We’ll restore your property to its fullest potential so you can open your doors and confidently welcome your guests.

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