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Fire Hazards In The Workplace

Fire Hazards In The Workplace

Fire always spreads faster than you think. In the blink of an eye, the destruction can be total.

While training your employees and having an evacuation plan is essential, don’t forget preventative steps.

The best way to avoid a fire is to understand why it happens. Let’s discuss the most common fire hazards in the workplace and learn how you can stay safe.


You can prevent fires as early as the construction stage when establishing your company. The National Fire Protection Association recommends always working with a licensed electrician who will not cut corners.

The issue often comes down to the setup for powering devices and other electrical systems in an office or industrial setting. Don’t add several splitters or power strips to one outlet, or you risk overloading the system and either causing a spark or superheating the socket.

Electrical issues are one of the most common reasons for fires in the workplace. If you work with power tools or heavy equipment, ensure there aren’t several tools plugged in simultaneously.

Flammable Materials

Always assume anything that can catch fire will. Paper, cardboard, cotton, fabric, and more will all ignite quickly and violently. Properly dispose of and recycle all trash; never leave flammable materials on a table or floor.

The organization is key to staying safe. Keep your papers in a metal organizer and all important documents safely stored offsite where they will be safe from a potential fire.


Dust floating in the air acts like gunpowder, ready to explode. Always have proper ventilation and fans throughout your workspace to circulate fresh, clean air. Open windows as necessary and allow for a cross breeze if you lack ventilation.

Any machine that generates heat also must be dust-free and grease-free. Clean down all your devices that heat up at the night’s end to prevent flammable build-ups.


Smoking is the leading cause of fires in all situations, from residential to forests, to the office. Create a smoking area many feet away from your facility where there is no chance any ash or cinder will fall on flammable materials.

Cigarette On A Railing

Provide ashtrays and trash cans specifically for cigarettes so there is no excuse for improper extinguishing.

Flammable Liquids

This can be a big issue if you work in a restaurant or the industrial field. Keep your flammable liquids stored in a dry and cool place, and only take them out when necessary.

Proper clean-up is essential in the event of a spill. Any leftover liquid on the floor can act as fuel and lead to a bigger and worse fire.


While most often a risk in restaurants, any business that has a kitchen for staff to use can be a potential fire hazard. Open flames and ovens are just waiting to start a fire. Even improper use of toasters and microwaves in an office setting can start fires.

Train your staff on safety guidelines in the kitchen, including wiping down surfaces and never leaving behind any grease.


Overuse of appliances can cause the wiring to burn out and expose the live wire underneath. Old equipment is most at risk of breaking down. Always perform checks on older equipment and wires to ensure you are keeping your workspace safe.

Human Error

All your safety precautions and training will not prevent an unexpected human error. Accidents happen, and you can’t prepare for all of them. A combination of anything on this list could happen at any moment.

In the event of a fire, be ready with fire extinguishers, an evacuation plan, and call 911 as soon as possible. But after the fire is out and the dust settles, it is time to call in the experts.


Even when everyone in your workplace is very attentive and conscious of their actions, fires still happen. The damage left behind is devastating.

But when you work with the experts at All Dry USA, there is hope. Our team can restore your property to like-new conditions from all states of fire damage. We will renovate your property and clean up all associated messes and issues that may arise.

Fire damage also can lead to water damage and mold growth—All Dry is ready to handle all of this with ease.

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