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How Do You Get Rid of Damp Marks on Walls?

How Do You Get Rid of Damp Marks on Walls?

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. From property damage to mold growth, it seems like water can destroy everything it touches.

After a leak springs and your walls get soaked, you might be worried you’ll have to tear them down. But usually, this is a surface-level issue you can resolve on your own.

So, let’s figure out why your walls are damp and what can be done about it.

What Is Damp?

Structural dampness is when moisture pervades your home and soaks into the wood and porous materials of your house. If your walls have bubbling paint, crumbling plaster, or are wet to the touch then you have a problem. In general, damp is moisture where it does not belong.

Some condensation is normal — in your bathroom after a hot shower, for example — but after a few minutes and with adequate ventilation, your walls should be dry again. Dampness is a more persistent problem that betrays a larger underlying issue.

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Identifying The Cause

Before any repairs are done, you must find the source and all the damp patches it has affected.

Usually damp comes from a leak, like a burst pipe, or a hole in the roof. If you are noticing the same specific areas are getting damp over and over again then it is likely due to a leak. Be sure to watch out for porous bricks as these will let water pass through and enter your home.

Damp also can come from long exposure to a humid climate as walls soak in water over weeks or months.

Keep your eye out for brown or black mildew stains and a musty smell coming off your wall, this means mold is growing, and you’ll have to disinfect before this gets out of hand.

Cleaning and Preparing The Damp Area

Don’t begin to clean until the leak is blocked and will not return. You won’t want to start all over again in a few weeks. Here’s how you can ready your walls for a fresh coat of paint:

  • Start with a 1:3 bleach to water solution. You need to completely sanitize the walls to prevent any mold growth and kill any spores that could already be growing. In the absence of pure bleach, any strong cleaning solution that contains bleach will work. Bleach not only cleans but removes the stain.
  • Use a sponge you don’t mind throwing out and gently work in the solution all around the stain until you notice the color has begun to dissipate.
  • Finally, you must wait until the wall is 100% dry before continuing. Open all the windows for a cross breeze if you are in a dry climate, otherwise use a dehumidifier to speed the process. Expect this to take up to 24 hours.

Damp Wall With Cracking Blue Paint


Now that you have nice clean walls it’s time to make them shine again. Follow these steps, and you’ll have walls that will make you proud:

  • Start with a stain-blocking primer. Never skip priming your walls, this will make them resistant to damage and the color will last longer. If available, look for a strong oil-based and mold-resistant brand. Let the primer dry for about 2 hours before moving on to painting.
  • Pick the right paint. Look for paint that matches the color of the room exactly. If it doesn’t match just right you’ll end up painting every wall in the room until it all matches.
  • Use a large roller and apply two coats of paint, letting each coat completely dry before moving on.
  • Celebrate your like-new walls!

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Damp Prevention

Damp can invade your home in many ways, but with proper measures, you can stop it from coming back.

  • Fix outside leaks and seepage. Waterproofing your whole home, from the basement to the roof is the best way to keep the elements out. This can be a big task but luckily the folks at All Dry USA are the property protection authorities and are here to help.
  • Always keep your fans and exhausts in the bathroom and kitchen. These suck out moisture and send it outside.
  • Regulate the temperature in your home. Condensation can occur on windows when your home is too hot or cold compared with the outside.
  • Turn on your dehumidifiers and air conditioners during hot and humid months. These devices are designed to remove water from the air and will keep your house cool and dry.

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