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How Much Do Plumbers Charge per Hour?

How Much Do Plumbers Charge per Hour?

Plumbers provide a critically important service to people nationwide. When someone needs work on their drainage systems, bathtub, toilet, or anything else, a good plumber can make the difference between a minor inconvenience and something that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Due to the importance of the work and the specialized knowledge required, there can be a wide discrepancy between how much each plumber charges per hour.

Here, we explain how much plumbers charge hourly and the factors that affect their rates. Understanding these costs and factors can help you hire the best plumber for the job while staying within your budget.

What Is the Average Plumber Hourly Rate?

Across the country, there are different rates that plumbers might charge. Hourly rates range somewhere between $45.00 an hour and $170.00 an hour on the lower end, and somewhere between $150.00 an hour and $450.00 on the higher end.

These ranges differ dramatically due to several factors, which we discuss below.

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Plumber Cost Breakdown

Like any other skilled professional, plumbers have to make various calculations to come up with their rates. It’s rare that you’ll have a flat fee. Indeed, the same plumber may well charge two drastically different rates at the same household, depending on the circumstances.

The Cost of Labor

One common assumption regarding the costs of hiring a plumber is that the sole factor to consider is the hourly charge. This assumption, while understandable, is not true.

While the hourly charge is perhaps the simplest factor to consider, it is far from uniform. Part of this is contingent on the labor cost for the plumber’s skill level.

With a large-scale plumbing service, you may see multiple plumbers on payroll with varying degrees of mastery. Master plumbers bring in anywhere from $25-$75 hourly, while journeyman plumbers can earn $16-$34 hourly. Apprentice plumbers typically make between $12-15 hourly.

The hourly rate you see on your itemized receipt will depend on the mastery of the contracted plumber. Also, the plumber assigned for your project will depend on the job’s complexity, which brings us to the next factor.

Repair Job

You might require a plumber for various reasons, such as clogged drains, burst pipes, broken sump pumps, and more. The type of repair job will determine the expertise required and the number of hours the job can take.

While a cursory examination of your pipes may cost a flat rate, an issue that requires a complete repair or replacement will necessarily cost more.

The repair job is also essential because not all repairs are equal. Even if you don’t consider the differences in quality between individual plumbers due to different skill levels, not all items in a home that plumbers can repair are equally challenging. There is a world of difference in costs, skills, and tools needed to fix a leaky faucet versus a broken sewage system.

If you anticipate an upcoming plumbing project and wish to budget accordingly, your best bet is to consider the average cost by repair type. Along with the hourly rate, this can help give you a reasonable estimate.

Note that while repairing something can cost a substantial amount, paying a professional to do it would be cheaper than attempting to do it yourself and making a mistake.

The Cost of Tools

Selection Of Tools

Tools are an essential part of any plumber’s kit, and the tools needed for the repair job will also affect the hourly rate.

Their tools are a factor in how much they charge for various reasons. Standard plumbing equipment can cost hundreds of dollars. The plumbers bring and use their tools as part of their services, so factoring them into their costs is a reasonable economic decision.

As with any other industry, technological advances have also changed plumbers’ tools. Items like sewer line cameras enable plumbers to do their jobs more efficiently, but such equipment is not cheap.

Service Area Rates

A range of factors influences plumbing costs in a given service area, including local rates, costs of transportation, and union fees. These cost-of-living and cost-of-business factors affect any business owner and are part of why prices for many of the same services differ from area to area.

Plumbers may adjust their prices to more appropriately account for the cost of doing business in an area while still making a profit and earning a living. You’ll see adjustments for the service area reflected in the hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Plumbers So Expensive?

Plumbers are costly because of their specialized knowledge and skills. Their cost stems from their ability to identify and fix all sorts of problems in your home. Their skilled labor is one of the primary reasons they set their prices at significant figures.

It is important to remember that while it can feel costly to pay a professional plumber, the costs of ignoring their advice or attempting to resolve seemingly simple fixes yourself can be much higher than they would charge you. Entrusting the challenging and specialized work of repairing your home to a professional is the right move when it comes to safeguarding your home and providing your family with a safe, healthy place to live.

Do Plumbers Charge More Over the Weekend?

Many plumbers do charge more over the weekend. While this may inconvenience some customers, there is a good reason for this.

Suppose you have a home emergency that requires the intervention of a plumber as soon as it occurs. Unfortunately, not every emergency happens at a time that is ideal for a homeowner or a plumber.

Repair jobs that fall outside the regular workday and workweek hours require plumbers to be on-call, even in the dead of night. It’s also the case that emergencies of this caliber often call for a plumber with advanced skills.

Due to their skills and the fact that they are rushing from their home during the weekend or in the middle of the night, plumbers upcharge for emergency plumbing services. It compensates for their labor outside of regular working hours, and it also ensures that impatient homeowners don’t try to trick the system and skip the line.

For many customers, paying an upcharge is frustrating. However, you also pay for the peace of mind knowing you can expect immediate assistance, no matter when the emergency occurs.

If you have concerns about avoiding these emergencies, check out plumbing maintenance tips. Keeping your system well-serviced on a routine schedule means preventing costly repairs and emergencies later. Prevention is better than the cure, after all.


A range of factors affects a plumbing business’s total costs during its day-to-day operations. Each element influences how much they charge their customers, and understanding them helps make you a more prepared customer when you contact a plumbing service.

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