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How To Put Out An Oven Fire

How To Put Out An Oven Fire

When it comes to your home, there is far more at stake than just property. The home is where we gather with friends and loved ones. It is supposed to be a place of refuge and safety in which your family can commune and grow. But are you prepared to protect this sacred place in the event of a fire?

Over 50% of residential fires are caused by cooking. With so much damage coming out of the kitchen, it is critically important that folks understand how to handle these fires should they occur. To help you prepare, here is a valuable guide on how to put out an oven fire.

Why Do Oven Fires Happen?

Before we get into how to extinguish an oven fire, it is essential to understand why they happen.

When hot grease or oil from a pan sprays out onto the surface of an oven, this can cause a flame. Similarly, fire may occur if you are baking a pan of bread or muffins and the batter spills over the side.

Additionally, insufficient or incorrect cleaning methods can lead to a fire. If an oven has old food droppings that haven’t been cleaned, they are likely to burn. It is also common for ovens to catch fire when they are set to self-clean, making sure you always keep a close eye if choosing this cleaning method.

As you can see, there is no one reason that flame may erupt in your oven. In general, a fire occurs when there has been some form of neglect before or during the cooking process.

5 Steps For Putting Out Oven Fires

While prevention is preferable, you’ll need to act quickly and effectively if you need to extinguish an oven fire. Here’s how.

Do Not Open The Oven Door

When you see fire, your impulse reaction may be to extinguish it immediately. But there is a good chance that the fire may go out on its own! Don’t panic, and do not open the oven door. Fire thrives on oxygen, so you do not want to allow any fresh air into the confined space. Without access to oxygen, the fire may fizzle out on its own.

Shut Everything Off

Turn off the oven and stove immediately. For safety, you should unplug the oven if you can, as well as turn off and unplug other electronic devices nearby. This step is crucial in limiting the risk of fire spreading outside of the kitchen, as different types of gas or electrical equipment are prone to catching fire as well.

Prepare Correct Extinguishing Tools

Stop and think for a moment before reaching directly for the water. There is a good chance that the oven fire originated from oil or grease. If oil is involved, water will exacerbate the problem and spread the fire. It can also be damaging when exposed to electrical equipment.

Red Fire Extinguisher

Instead of water, grab the nearest fire extinguisher. Ensure it is the correct type before using it.

Fire is Extinguished? Open Windows

If the fire completely goes out, open the windows and doors before opening the oven. Allow the smoke to clear before examining the damage up close.

Fire Still Going? Seek Help

If the fire does not go out, take all family and pets outside to a safe location and call 911.

How To Prevent Oven Fires

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is take proactive measures to prevent an oven fire from ever erupting. The good news is that this is remarkably simple!

  • Regularly clean your oven to ensure it is free from food scraps that can easily burn.
  • Never leave your oven unattended when it’s on. This includes when cooking or when using the self-cleaning setting.
  • Don’t overfill pans. Use drip trays underneath to prevent leakage onto the oven surface.
  • Use lids or foil whenever possible to prevent splatter.

If you think there may be something wrong with your oven or it isn’t working correctly, get it checked out by a professional immediately. They can help diagnose any issues upfront, so you never have to go through the ordeal of a fire in the first place.

What To Do After An Oven Fire

The aftermath of an oven fire will depend on the level of damage. Hopefully, the fire is extinguished quickly, and the only damage is to the oven itself. Soot and smoke damage to your kitchen may require professional assistance to clean up. If grease caused the fire, a thorough clean-up must be done to prevent future fires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes a Fire in the Oven?

Excess grease or heat can cause a fire to start within an oven. An unclean oven is a higher fire risk than a clean one.

What do You do if Your Oven Catches on Fire?

Immediately turn off your oven and allow the fire to burn itself out. If it doesn’t or shows no signs of stopping, call the fire department immediately.

Can I Use My Oven After a Fire?

Yes, just ensure you have thoroughly cleaned it and that it is in complete working order.

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