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french drain catch

Catch basins can be added to this system to help collect immediate water runoff. The pipe needs to discharge downhill from the low spot in the yard.

French drains can lead to a downhill slope or to dry wells or rain gardens where the extra water is held and absorbed by plants.

2 parallel underground drain pipes.

Depending on the volume of rain water or runoff, French drains can be widened or founded on 2 or 3 underground drain pipes. Having multiple pipes provides for redundancy, in case one pipe becomes overfilled or clogged by a rupture or defect in the piping. A pipe might become overfilled if it is on a side of the drain which receives a much larger amount of water, such as one pipe being closer to an uphill slope, or closer to a roof-line that drips near the French drain. When a pipe becomes overfilled, water can seep, sideways, into a parallel pipe, as a form of load-balancing, so that neither pipe becomes slowed by air bubbles, as might happen in a full-pipe with no upper air space.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a French Drain work?

    The French Drain is a basic but effective drainage method designed to redirect water from specific spots, such as your house foundation. It's primarily composed of a gravel-filled trench and a hole-ridden pipe that collects water. When water accumulates, it bounces into the trench, runs through the gravel filter, and then funnels into our pipe. This water then flows to a safe discharge point, preventing it from pooling in undesired areas.
  • When should I consider installing a French Drain?

    If you start seeing pools of water consistently or damp spots popping up around specific areas on your property – particularly near your house's foundation or in your basement – you may want to contemplate the idea of deploying a French Drain. Moreover, if your lawn remains soggy after rains or if you’re planning to protect a hillside garden, a French Drain can be an excellent solution. We at All Dry USA offer to examine these potential drainage issues plaguing your property, in order to protect both your home and its landscape.
  • What are the benefits of installing a French Drain?

    Setting up a French Drain comes with a variety of benefits. A French Drain plays defense like no other, preventing water accumulation that wreaks havoc on foundations, basements, and landscapes alike. By successfully swerving excess water, healthier green patches get promoted while soil erosion scales down, along with chances of mold and mildew creeping indoors and going leaner than before. By addressing water-related concerns proactively, homeowners can preserve the structural integrity and value of their property.
  • How long does it take to install a French Drain?

    Well, it hinges on the length, complexity, and the unique traits of your property. Usually, All Dry USA can get it done in a day or two. But don't be surprised if larger or knottier projects take a little longer. We're all about efficiency, though we promise not to mess too much with your routine. 
  • Can I install a French Drain myself, or should I hire a professional?

    Sure, you could roll up your sleeves and make installing that French Drain a DIY project – but it's not as straightforward as you might think. It'll need some serious planning and execution, plus decent familiarity with local codes upfront. Fumble any of these parts, and you might have an ineffective drain on your hands or even worse drainage issues than before! You're better off hiring professionals like us at All Dry USA – why risk doing further damage when you can get experts on board? 
  • Does All Dry USA offer a warranty for French Drain installation?

    Absolutely! Here at All Dry USA, we have faith in the work we deliver. We give out warranties for our French Drain fittings, so that the peace of mind of our clients is ensured. You can discuss warranty specifics with our team when you consult with us.
  • How often should I maintain my French Drain?

    For a French Drain to operate efficiently over time, consistent upkeep is essential. Generally speaking, an annual checkover and clean-out are all good. We at All Dry USA suggest monitoring your system, especially after heavy rains, to ensure it's functioning optimally.
  • What are the signs that my French Drain needs maintenance?

    If you notice water pooling in areas where it previously didn’t, a slower drainage rate, or visible sediment buildup in the trench, these might indicate that your French Drain requires maintenance. Dealing with these early stops problems catching speed – ensuring it keeps doing its job right.
  • Does All Dry USA offer French Drain maintenance services?

    Indeed! At All Dry USA, we recognize the significance of keeping a drainage system in top condition. We're all in with our service for French Drain maintenance, making sure your setup is running smoothly all through its lifetime. 
  • How can I prevent my French Drain from clogging?

    Preventing clogs is crucial for the longevity of your French Drain. Keep an eye on it regularly for any gunk buildup, make sure that landscape fabric isn't ripped or torn, and think about popping in a cleaning route or access point for quicker clean-ups. By opting for annual maintenance with All Dry USA, you can spot and address potential blockages early on.


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