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Storm Damage Restoration New Windsor Ny

You spend years working hard on your home, filled with your most cherished valuables, memories, and furnishings. One severe storm or natural disaster can damage your property in a matter of seconds. Responding immediately to wind or flood damage can protect your home’s integrity and everything it contains.

At All Dry USA, we provide 24/7 emergency storm damage restoration in New Windsor, NY. Our team has over ten years of experience helping families and business owners recover from catastrophic storms. If you need storm damage repair services in New Windsor, call All Dry USA today.




Types of Storm Damage You May Experience

Storms can wreak havoc on your property, potentially causing the following damages:

  • Foundation cracking and water damage
  • Roof damage
  • Interior water damage
  • Electrical complications
  • Siding damage
  • Door and window damage
  • Total home deconstruction

Our Professional Storm Damage Restoration Services

Whether you experience a major storm that rips through your home or just some minor water damage beneath the floorboards, we can help. At All Dry USA, we offer the following professional residential and commercial storm damage restoration services for New Windsor residents:

  • Flood damage repairs: Water damage from heavy rain and flooding is one of the biggest threats to your home, as it can compromise the structure’s integrity and quickly worsen in a matter of days. One minor leak can cause toxic mold, wood rot, and more. As water damage repair experts, we know how to locate and remove moisture to prevent further complications.
  • Wind damage repairs: Wind can pull shingles or siding off your home, send trees through your windows, and much more. If a tropical storm, tornado, hurricane, or wind storm hits your home, we can assess and repair the damage to your roof, gutters, siding, and more.
  • Lightning and hail damage repairs: One lightning strike can ignite your home in flames. Hail can puncture your roof or windows, causing water damage and many other issues. Our team can resolve fire damage and hail damage to restore your property.

What to Do After a Storm

We understand that severe storms are overwhelming and often frightening, so we want to help you through the process. After experiencing storm damage in New Windsor, you should follow these steps:

  • Contact All Dry USA for storm damage restoration in New Windsor, NY. You can call us at any time, any day. File your insurance claim if you have homeowners or renters insurance. We have experience working with many insurance companies, so we can guide you through the claims process.
  • Assess potential safety hazards, like downed power lines, so you can inform our team and local authorities.
  • Evacuate if the property is not safe. You should avoid floodwaters, fire hazards, and any property risks that can put you or your loved ones in danger.

How We Can Restore Your Home or Commercial Property

If your home suffers damage from a severe storm, you should call our team immediately. To get your property back into tip-top shape, we will complete the following steps:

  1. Safety measures: Before restoring anything, we want to make sure your home is safe to prevent risks and further damage. Typically, we will seal off any openings to the exterior (like a broken window), remove fallen trees, and assess the area for additional hazards.
  2. Damage inspection: Our trained inspectors know the tell-tale signs of water and wind damage. We look beyond the obvious water stains and analyze every inch of your home so we don’t miss anything during the restoration process.
  3. Property drying: Before resolving water damage, we must let the area fully dry. We use advanced vacuums, dehumidifiers, and air movers to remove all unwanted moisture from your home, preventing future mold growth.
  4. Repairing and reconstructing: Our team of restoration experts offers comprehensive repair services, ranging from window replacements and shingle repairs to carpet cleaning and repainting.

Regardless of the damage, we can make your home look new again.

Why Choose All Dry USA?

At ADU, we offer the following advantages:

  • 24/7 emergency services for immediate peace of mind
  • Commercial and residential experience
  • Advanced equipment for optimal results
  • Award recognitions from reputable organizations
  • Friendly customer service
  • Comprehensive cleaning services

About New Windsor, NY

Situated along the Hudson River between Newburgh and Cornwall is New Windsor, New York, which about 30,000 people call home. Many residents enjoy soaking in historical sites like Knox’s Headquarters, the Cantonment State Historic Site, and the Squire Patton House. On sunny days, you can spend time outside at Kowawese Unique Area or Schunnemunk State Park.

New Windsor experiences severe storms throughout the year, including heavy rainfall, lightning, severe hail, tropical storms, high winds, flooding, and winter snow storms.

If your property experiences damage from a storm, we’re here to help. Our expert restoration crew operates 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to repair your home. Call All Dry USA at (888) 998-2379 for professional storm damage restoration in New Windsor, NY.



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