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How Do I Know If My Pipes Are Leaking Under My Floor?

How Do I Know If My Pipes Are Leaking Under My Floor?

A burst pipe can be problematic for a whole host of reasons, and the only way to ensure the safety of your home is to act quickly. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the critical indicators you have a burst pipe and how to respond. At All Dry USA, we care about your and your family’s well-being, which is why staying informed is so important!

How Do I Know If Water Is Leaking Under the Floor?

  1. Your Water Meter Indicates It

Not many people know that nearly all water meters can detect and alert you of a pipe leak. It does this by monitoring your ordinary water expenditure, and if that suddenly and significantly increases, your meter will alert you to a possible leak.

However, this method of identification isn’t perfect. It can’t tell you where the leak is or its severity level; it can only indicate one is present. This is why fully understanding the signs of a leak is so important, so you can spot them as soon as possible and pursue professional intervention.

  1. You Can Hear Running or Dripping Water

A surefire sign that a pipe has burst in your home is the sound of running or dripping water without apparent explanation. If you hear anything unusual coming from your floor that seems to persist, don’t just ignore it as a bizarre instance. It could indicate something more severe.

This is a helpful indicator as following the sound source can better identify its location, helping experts enormously during repairs.

  1. There’s a New, Unpleasant Smell

Another easy way to identify a problem is by following your nose. Unfortunately, leaks never smell pleasant due to the excess dampness produced. This can lead to mold within the structure of your home, especially any wooden floorboards with a foul odor. Besides smelling bad, mold spores can be dangerous when inhaled, so at All Dry, we recommend swift removal.

  1. Your Water Bill Seems Much Higher Than Usual

Your water meter will let you know ahead of time if you’ve sprung a leak, but so will your water bill. This can be especially painful if you haven’t had any indication of a leak before getting struck by the price. We could all use a little extra money at the moment, so an increased bill will undoubtedly raise alarm bells.

When it comes to spending more money than we’d like to, none of us have a difficult time finding the motivation to fix things. However, even if the change is only slight, it’s still imperative that you investigate. Even a slight price rise could indicate a leak, and ignoring the problem will only worsen it.

Leak Detector

  1. There are Stains on Your Flooring

If you have started to notice irregularities on your flooring, it could be an indicator of a leak beneath the surface. If you need to repeatedly clean up stains from the same spots in your home, with no clear explanation, it could be due to a burst pipe.

This is most noticeable with carpeting, as the water will discolor the fabric. However, you may notice discoloration and warping over time, even with wooden floorboards. Make sure the burst pipe is your top priority. Repairing your flooring without addressing the root problem will only lead to further costs later.

  1. Cracks in the Foundation of Your Home

Finally, a burst pipe could lead to cracks in your home’s foundation. It’s important to note that not all cracks relate to burst pipes. Sometimes it’s just due to age. However, if you find cracks around the same time you notice other indicators from this list, it might be time to take action.

This is especially relevant if the cracks accumulate around areas you know pipes are located. If you have a layout of your home from the original purchase, check the location of the cracks to see how probable a burst pipe could be. If all else fails and your suspicions remain, contact a professional for reassurance.

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Pipes Are Leaking Under My Floor?

The best action is to contact a professional service as soon as possible. Even if all indicator signs are present, detecting and confirming a leak may still be challenging. This could result in you falsely deciding there is no leak, resulting in more significant damage over time. You may also underestimate how much damage is already present.

If you feel that you need to act before professional services can assist, there are some preliminary steps you can take. First, try to get to the source of the leak, either by lifting your floorboards or carpeting. Only do this if access isn’t too restricted, or you may do more harm than good. You could also use a wet vacuum to absorb as much excess moisture as possible. This could help minimize your flooring, furniture, and foundation damage.

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Whether you have identified a burst pipe or just suspect you may have one, contact us today to make sure. The sooner you fix the problem, the sooner your home will be safe and lower overall cost. Don’t hesitate to call today and speak to one of our water damage experts!


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