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How Long Does It Take to Repipe a House?

How Long Does It Take to Repipe a House?

Being a homeowner brings several perks like customizing your space the way you want, increased stability, or building equity. It also comes with responsibilities that aren’t always so lavish, such as repiping your house.

You may need to repipe your house if your home is constantly undergoing work and repairs. It may also be necessary depending on the pipe material and house’s age.

It’s worth noting that repiping your home is not a do-it-yourself job. Unless you have experience with demolition, plumbing, and reconstruction, it’s best to leave repiping in the hands of professionals.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about repiping a house, including how long this process takes.

How Do I Know If I Need to Repipe My House?

You don’t want to drop a pretty penny on repiping your entire house unless it’s necessary. Here are some signs it’s time to repipe your home.

Your Home Constantly Needs Plumbing Work

Find yourself constantly doing plumbing repairs? A completely new system will resolve any lingering issues. It may just be that your current system is old. A brand new one means you won’t have to worry about repairs for several years down the road.

Remember that while you can do many DIY plumbing tasks yourself, repiping your home isn’t one of them.

Your Home Has Lead Pipes

If your home is older (1986 and earlier), it may have lead pipes. Yes, there are still some homes out there with lead pipes!

If yours isn’t one of them, this isn’t for you. However, lead pipes pose potential health risks and are a good sign it’s time for a replacement.

You Want to Remodel Your House

Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? What about other plumbing fixtures? Renovation is a great time to replace your pipes because it will save you time and money.

The last thing you want is installing a new bathroom and having to repipe your home a few months down the road. Take care of the issue now to save yourself a headache later.

How Long Does Repiping a House Take?

The timeline depends on the size of your home. Smaller homes can take as little as two days, while larger homes may take a whole week.

Repiping doesn’t mean you’ll be without plumbing the entire time. The only time you won’t have access to water is when the plumbers are replacing the old system with the new system.

Other than this, most of the work involves building your plumbing along existing pipes.

Plumber Installing Pipe Fittings

What Is Involved in Repiping a House?

The process of repiping a home is no small feat. It means replacing water supply pipes and waste drainage pipes. For many, this may be one of the most extensive home renovations.

Here’s what you can expect from the process.

Get an Estimate

First things first, you want to know how much repiping your home will cost. Get an estimate (most companies offer free quotes). A qualified professional can tell you if your home needs a minor repair, repiping for a single section, or a complete repiping of your home.

If you go with the complete house repipe, the plumber may have to secure a work permit from the government. They’ll then go over the materials they’ll use, including PEX, copper, or CPVC piping.

Let the Work Begin

Once you’ve signed all paperwork and scheduled service, all you need to do is sit back and let the plumbers do their thing. They will cover the area they’re working on in plastic to protect your belongings.

Quality plumbers will do their best to maintain your overall comfort by only turning off the water when necessary. Then, they’ll cut into the drywall and install the new ones.

As noted, this is a job for the pros. Expert plumbers use specialized tools to detect your pipes and perform the job to code when repiping your home.

Restoring Your Home

Don’t worry. You’re not going to end up with holes in your drywall. After installing the new piping system, the contractors will patch up and repaint the walls to match your home’s existing color, returning it to its previous condition.

Repiping Your Home: Is This the Right Solution?

While the process of repiping a house may seem intimidating, with the right crew, it’ll be a quick and stress-free process. You can expect the entire process to be completed anywhere from two days to a week.

If your house constantly needs plumbing work, has lead pipes, or will soon undergo a remodel, it’s time to repipe your home. Contact All Dry USA to schedule service.


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