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What to Do About Frozen Pipe Bursts in Texas

What to Do About Frozen Pipe Bursts in Texas

Texas has recently been hit with terrible storms, freezing temperatures, and heavy snowfall. People have been left without power, electricity, and home heating systems. The cold spell has caused an array of problems for Texans, including household pipes becoming blocked with ice and bursting.

When a pipe is frozen, the water inside stops moving. Not only are you unable to access running water, but you also run the risk of the pipe bursting. The pressure created by the closed faucet and the block of ice can build up until the pipe cracks and splits.

If your pipes have burst, there are steps that you can follow to solve the issue. Let’s go over what you can do to deal with erupted pipes.

Warning Signs

Before diving into what to do in an emergency, here are some warning signs to look out for. If you are dealing with the freezing weather in Texas, but your pipes haven’t burst yet, you’ll want to keep an eye on them.

Signs that your pipes are frozen or blocked with ice include:

  • You can see frost covering your pipes
  • Water isn’t running from your faucets or the flow is thinner
  • Water flow from faucets stops and starts
  • An odd smell is emanating from the faucet or drain
  • You notice water dripping from pipes, the walls, or the ceiling
  • You hear whistling or clanking noises from your plumbing

Once you’ve located the frozen pipe, you must work quickly to de-thaw it. You can attempt this yourself with a hair dryer, space heater, or hot towels; or call All Dry USA to make sure the job is done properly.

Immediate Do’s and Don’t’s

When your pipe has burst, there are a few immediate things that you can do to help solve the issue:


  • Turn off the main water valve of the house
  • Turn off your electricity and power
  • Clear the area where the flooding happened
  • Salvage any valuables or items
  • Open cabinets and crawl spaces to let the heat from the house get to the pipes
  • Call a professional plumber


  • Use an open flame to thaw other pipes
  • Use an electric heater in a flooded area

Unfortunately, the pipes aren’t always in a location that you notice them immediately and thus burst. A burst pipe is a hazard and a headache to deal with, especially if you’re also struggling with freezing temperatures inside and outside your Texas home.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Dealing with Burst Frozen Pipes

Once a pipe bursts, you have to act fast to preserve your home and belongings. To help you minimize the damage and maintain your home, follow this guide and call a plumber.

When solving the issue, enlist the help of a friend, loved one, or roommate to call the plumber while you do the following. You’ll also need extra hands to complete some of the below steps.

1. Locate Your Home’s Water Source

To prevent further damage, you’ll need access to the water supply source of your home. In most Texas homes, the water flows underneath the sidewalks and into houses. Check the curb near the front of your building to find the water line cover.

You’ll want to figure out not only where the water source is but also what kind of key fits the lock. Make sure you have one of these before disaster strikes. The keys are available for purchase at local home improvement stores and online.

2. Turn Off the Water

After opening the cover, you can get started turning off the water. In most cases, you’ll see a valve that controls the flow of water into your house. Unfortunately, the valve won’t turn if you pull it with your bare hands – you’ll need to use a wrench or a crowbar.

Water frozen from the bottom of a pipe

3. Turn Off the Electricity

With the water off, turn off the electricity next. If the burst pipe has caused flooding into your home, this is an electrical hazard. The leaking water could seep into the electric circuit and lead to a fire.

4. Stop the Leak (If Possible)

While you wait for the plumber, you can potentially work to stop the leak yourself if the pipe is easily accessible. You can use epoxy putty, clamps, or slip couplings to temporarily solve the issue.

5. Clean Up the Mess

With the leak patched up while you wait for the plumber, you can begin to clean up the flooded area. Use a mop, bucket, sponges, and rags to clear the water from the area. Remove rugs, furniture and any valuables out of the way of the flood to prevent them from getting damaged.

If You Can’t Reach the Burst Pipe?

In cases where you can’t reach the problem area to stop the leak, call All Dry USA as soon as you’ve completed step three.


Burst pipes are a severe issue and are striking many homeowners during the frozen weather spell in Texas.

If an emergency situation arises as a result of frozen pipes in Texas, contact our professional team at All Dry USA. We’ll be there as soon as possible to stop the leak and restore your home.


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