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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Smoke Smell from House?

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Smoke Smell from House?

If you’ve recently suffered a massive fire or sustained smoke damage in your home, then you know firsthand the horrid effects the smell can have on your living environment. It’s unbearable to live with the smell on your walls; it can even be traumatizing to smell that stench in your house every day.

That’s why getting proper smoke smell removal from your home is essential.

There are many methods for removing the smell of smoke from your home. The methods you choose will depend on your home’s damage. Some of these strategies are easy DIY solutions, while others require a professional crew and a budget.

If you have extensive fire damage, but you’re concerned about spending money to replace your home, know that’s it’s better to be safe and invest in quality damage removal services than risk living in an extremely dangerous environment.

Learn how much it costs to smoke smell from a house below.

Is It Possible to Remove Smoke Smell from House?

It’s possible to remove unpleasant smoke smells from the house if you take several precautions.  You’ll also want to thoroughly research any DIY methods and seek an expert’s opinion before attempting odor removal. Without the guidance of a specialist, you could cause further damage to your walls and other furniture.

Many DIY hacks for removing smoky smells underestimate how quickly a wall should be dried after applying a cleaning solution. If your walls or items are washed carelessly, then you could end up with long-term mold damage, which would be another expensive problem to solve.

However, here are some tips for removing the smoke smell from your property:

Check for Structural Damage

Before you enter any room, you need to check for structural damage. This prevents you from entering a space to clean and becoming trapped inside if the roof or wall is unstable.

We recommend calling a professional team for services first to ensure the property is safe.

Ventilate the Space

You’ll need to bring in fresh air by ventilating the space. If the damaged area has naturally good ventilation, then this process is easy. Start by opening any windows and turning on the fans in the space. This airflow will encourage the dissipation of the smell.

Call the Pros for Aeration Equipment

However, if this isn’t enough, or if your space lacks adequate ventilation, then professionals can bring in high-powered aeration equipment that will clear that smoky smell. Vigorous ventilation and cleaning with professional-grade materials, also known as smoke remediation, will penetrate the layers of odor around your house.

When this combination of ventilation and smoke remediation is applied to a smoke-damaged room, it is incredibly effective at restoring the room to its original condition.

Remove and Clean Furniture

One of the biggest culprits of lingering smells in a room is when the odor settles into items like furniture and clothing inside the room. Be sure to remove any items from within the room and have them cleaned individually.

Consider dry cleaning or re-upholstering any furniture in the affected area. Smoky smells settle into fabric-covered items and require a detailed cleaning process. Be sure to give care to each item in the affected rooms individually to prevent the burning smell from sticking around.

How Much Does Smoke Remediation Service Cost?

Smoke remediation can cost between $3,000 and $12,000. If this sounds expensive, that’s because these services include time-consuming ventilation, wall care, and individual item care.

Smoke remediation costs are determined based on the unique circumstances of the property. Some factors that determine the cost of these services include:

  • The size of the damage
  • Materials affected by in the smell
  • The ability to properly ventilate the area


Smoke Removal Process

A comprehensive smoke removal process will include a combination of ventilation and remediation.

You want to ensure you have the walls and furniture inside the space cleaned at the same time. A quality cleaning remediation company will formulate a specific treatment plan based on the damage assessed.

When discussing your odor removal plan, the company you hire should help you finance, so you can get your home back to normal with a price plan you can afford.

Any reputable company will also assess any water damage your space may have after the fire department sprayed the property.


If you need affordable and fast smoke remediation services for your damaged property, call the team at All Dry USA. We’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan for your smoke-damaged space once you call for your free consultation.

With help from our experienced team, your space will be back to normal faster than any DIY solution. Get in touch with us today to talk about your remediation plan!

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