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3 Reasons Why Mold Is A Year-Round Problem

One of the most common problems homeowners face is mold. It’s more likely to invade your home than fires and other natural disasters like hurricanes. It’s a harmful fungus that affects how you live.

To avoid the horrific effects mold presents, it is best to understand why this is a year-round problem. Most think it’s not something to take seriously. See below why mold stands as a year-round menace.

1 Changing Temperatures

As we all know, the weather changes throughout the year, often at alarming rates. The trouble with the constantly changing temperatures in our homes is the humidity levels in our air, both inside and out.

When the weather brings an increase in humidity, the moisture that results from the changes puts up a vacancy sign on your home, welcoming many variations of mold. Summer is the most mold-ridden season. In states like Florida where it feels like summer year-round, you must be extra vigilant to keep moisture out of your home.

The best way to combat the breeding of mold is to keep the moisture levels of a room to a minimum with air purifiers. Rely on regular air conditioner screen changes. Ultimately, the only way to rule out mold in your home is to have it inspected occasionally or immediately when signs of mold present themselves. So, when you feel the air get more humid, check your house for signs. You’ll be prepared to call and deal with the problem.

2 Amenities Are an Ideal Breeding Ground

A water heater, a dishwasher, an air conditioner, clothes washer or dry, and a leaking pipe.

What do all of these things have in common?

They’re all breeding grounds for various types of mold.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, it is crucial that your system is efficient in removing humidity from the air. If not, your air vents can grow mold and infect your entire home with toxic fungi. Scary right? Yet, that is just how easily it can affect your entire house in a matter of hours.

In most homes, water heaters come with a plastic dish in which the heater sits. This dish is designed to hold any and all water that the heater may emit. However, when it collects this excess water, the dish becomes a prime place for fungus to grow and eventually spread to surrounding areas.

Like a water heater, both dishwashers and laundry units can build up a collection of stagnant water when they are not in use. This stagnant water is an ideal location for mold to grow regardless of the time of year. The same goes for a laundry dryer draining system.

With year-round changes in temperature, the water in pipes can expand and contract. It places to place a great deal of wear and tear on pipes and increases the chance of a burst. While these pipes do often burst in the winter, they can leak and breed mold at any time of the year. It’s important to check pipe areas for visible mode. It might be hidden, and you’ll need an expert to examine the scene.

3 You’ll Always Find It In Your Kitchen

Mold is prone to hide in sneaky places throughout a kitchen.  

Whether we leave a bowl under the sink to catch excess water or simply leave water standing in our microwaves for too long, it can grow anywhere where food and liquid reside. If left unattended, it can spread to any available surface in a kitchen before we can take notice.

With our refrigerators as a constant source of food and liquids, mold is a menace that can never be eliminated entirely. When the seasons change, our kitchen windows and vents often get covered with perspiration.

While we always clean off our counters and wash our plates, it’s the surfaces we don’t touch like vents and windows that invite mold.

Is Mold a Serious Problem?

Mold is a dangerous fungus that can have severe negative consequences to your health. It might not seem like an issue, but breathing in mold has long-term effects on your respiratory system.
The thing we have to remember is to pay attention to warning signs and take proper action if you suspect or discover fungus.

Play it safe and seek help! You might not be able to fight a battle against it on your own.

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