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At All Dry USA, we know how important it is to protect your home from wind and storm damage. When restoring damage caused by these factors, swift action is often required to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the dwelling and prevent further issues.

After a storm, it can be challenging to know where to begin in the recovery process. Contact us today so we can guide you through the process and provide wind and storm damage repair on your property!

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Our Storm Damage Repair Services in Texas

Texas residents know natural disasters can strike when you least expect them, regardless of where you live! If your home or property falls victim to a storm, we understand the importance of restoring your home to its former glory as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With our team of experts, you can rest assured that your Lone Star State home is in good hands. We know how to handle storm damage repair smoothly – without cutting corners in your home’s restoration.

At All Dry USA, you’ll find that we offer a comprehensive range of services to get your home back in shape after being impacted by a storm. Take a look at our offerings below:

Flood Damage

Flooding can spell catastrophe for your property. For one, it can result in significant structural damage. Suppose you don’t take immediate action to remove and clean up water after a storm. In that case, the resulting flood damage could eventually result in wood rot, mold, and harm to your personal belongings.

Wind Damage

Storms and other natural disasters can produce strong winds that damage your home, especially if they rip off roof shingles or send projectiles through glass windows or sliding doors. At All Dry USA, our team can assist by evaluating and repairing wind damage to your gutters, siding, and other affected structures.

Lightning and Hail Damage

If lightning and hail start coming down, you may be surprised how quickly severe issues can occur on your property. Your roof could be punctured or your glass shattered by the hail. A vulnerable home could face lightning strikes, resulting in fire damage – luckily, All Dry USA also offers fire restoration services.

Steps to Take After Sustaining Storm-Related Property Damage in Texas

If you’ve experienced storm-related property damage on your Texas property, rest assured that All Dry USA is here to help! Having the right team of experts on your side and acting swiftly can make all the difference in minimizing the damages and restoring your home quickly and efficiently.

Here are some steps you should take after a storm:

  1. Contact our team at All Dry USA, so our storm damage restoration experts can get to work on a property damage assessment.
  2. If you have renters or homeowners insurance, contact them to report damages and file a claim. Our teams are experienced with all major insurance companies and are here to assist you during your claims process.
  3. Contact the appropriate local authorities to inform them of potential safety hazards to your home or neighborhood, such as downed electrical lines.
  4. Stay away from flooded areas to avoid contact with waters that may have sharp objects, an electrical current, or pose other dangers.

Our Complete Storm Damage Repair Process

  1. Emergency Services to Ensure Safety of the Property: We make safety a priority. Our highly knowledgeable technicians can identify any potential safety hazards. Our first step is to reduce any risk of future exposure to dangers and prevent any additional issues from occurring. This might include removing fallen trees or boarding up doors and windows.
  2. Initial Damage Inspection: All Dry USA is ready to assist you with a storm damage inspection! One of our trained inspectors will be happy to assess your home and identify issues related to a storm that could lead to property issues.
  3. Drying and Dehumidifying the Property: If your property has sustained flood damage, we’ll utilize air movers, commercial-grade vacuums, and dehumidifiers to dry the interior thoroughly. Without proper cleanup services after a flood on your property, the retained moisture invites mold, which can lead to further problems down the road.
  4. Repair and Reconstruction Services: Our experts are available to provide extraordinary repair services. Your home is in good hands with our team for everything from carpet stain removal to roof repair to complete interior remodeling.

Need Wind & Storm Damage Restoration Services in Texas? Get in Touch!

After a storm, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, particularly if your home has sustained any harm due to a natural disaster. Let us at All Dry USA guide you through this challenging process and give you one less thing to worry about!

Contact us today, and you can rest assured that your home is in capable hands! Our team of experts is dedicated to protecting your home, whether you’re looking for storm repair, water damage restoration, or mold removal.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us today for swift storm damage repair and cleanup services! We will be happy to perform an in-person inspection or provide any information you seek. Our team is here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


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