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North Carolina Water Damage Restoration & Repair Service We’re Here to Help Rid Your North Carolina Property of Water Damage 

Water damage is dangerous, intrusive, and sneaky. Other than obvious burst pipes you can have damp occurring in your home without realizing. This can lead to much bigger issue.

Once even a small area of your home has water damage, you are at risk for serious issues. Water damage of any size can lead to mold, damage to the structure of your home, and more. Things as simple as poor ventilation, high humidity, or even a missed damp spot can cause issues. Before you know it you’ve got unwanted things growing in your home! 

From home inspection to restoration, our team of specialists has a lot of experience with repairing water damage of all kinds in any building. We have a finely tuned process, which includes lab testing to determine types of mold, extensive water damage repair, and advanced equipment for an effective and deep-cleaning removal process.Once we fix the issues we will deal with any mold or damages. We do it all quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable cost. We do everything we can to give you the best results at a lower rate. 

All Dry USA has over a decade’s worth of experience in toxic substance removal and water damage repair. Our services are cost-effective and thorough, anywhere in North Carolina. 


Trust All Dry USA to Save the Day!

Whether you need our services for a home or business, we cover many areas throughout North Carolina. We provide efficient water damage repair services to all residents and business owners. 

With All Dry USA, you can rest assured knowing that you’re hiring a reliable company to see the job through from beginning to end. 

We offer many services to manage issues that are related to and a direct result of water damage. Our services include:

  • Residential and/or Commercial Remediation 
  • Mold Inspections 
  • Carpet, Furniture, and Tile Restorations 
  • Mold Prevention 
  • And more! 

Our mission is to restore your home, so you can go back to living comfortably and happily. No one should have to worry about the air quality within their own home or business. Everyone has a right to comfort and safety. 

Extensive water damage can ruin a home or business if left unattended. It can make you gravely ill, and it can tear your building apart just by growing. It can be incredibly unforgiving, so you must take care of it as quickly as you can. That’s where we come into the picture.

We know how to safely remove mold without any further harm to you or your property in the process, and repair all traces of water damage throughout. Our team will be at your door in moments after you call us to get rid of the problem fast. 

No matter where you are in North Carolina, we will be there to help. Our friendly group of specialists works efficiently to remove black mold and other toxic substances from your home that can come from water damage. We save belongings that are still salvageable and help prevent possible future outbreaks of mold. Our removal and repair help will get you back in your home or business in no time. 

Water Damage Can Be Dangerous – Call Immediately for Help! 

Few things are as scary as suddenly finding black mold spots in your North Carolina home after realizing a flood or storm has caused damage. Often, you can’t see the real extent of the damage without thorough checks – or the help of an expert. 

It also means that you and your family or customers may have been breathing in toxic air. The spores from mold can spread easily and cause a lot of health troubles. This is especially dangerous for young kids. 

The moment you realize you have water damage in your home or business, give us a call. Our team is always prepared, whether there is an infestation or a plan of prevention being put into action. Let us take care of the repairs. Keep mold from becoming a serious issue with our assistance. 

Why All Dry USA’s Water Damage Repair Services? 

There are several reasons you can trust us to help you with your water damage problem. Here are just a few:

Award-Winning Service

For our reliable and efficient services in North Carolina, we have received awards from the American Business Awards as well as Angie’s List. Our customers can always be assured that we provide quality, affordable services. 

Friendly Professionals

Our team of repairmen and mold specialists is friendly and courteous. We know how stressful discovering these problems in your home can be. We want our services to ease that stress and tension.

Our visits often follow a disastrous storm or significant damage, so we understand things can be rough. Our friendly and courteous team treat you like family while they help you restore your home or business. 

24/7 Service

No matter where in North Carolina you are or when you need us, our restoration services are always available. Other repair companies are typical 9 to 5 businesses but not us. Whenever you need us, we will be there. 

Residential and Commercial Water Damage Repair

Many other repair and removal companies only work on one or the other. At All Dry USA, businesses and homes around North Carolina can count on us. No building is too small or too big for our tough mold removal/home repair team! 

Advanced Equipment

We use only the best equipment available to get the job done. From special vacuums to premium disinfectants, our industry-grade, high-quality equipment ensures efficiency, efficacy, and affordability.  

The Right Team

At All Dry USA, we have over 10 years of experience in removal and restoration services. We get the job done right every time, and we do it as fast as we can. We know what works and what doesn’t for businesses and residential areas in recovering from water-logging. 

No matter where in North Carolina your home or business is located, our excellent repair team will give you amazing results and a quick turnaround. With cost-efficient strategies and friendly service, it is no wonder that people all across the North Carolina use All Dry USA for their water damage repair needs. 

Emergency 24/7 Water Damage Repair Services Available  

All across North Carolina, All Dry USA offers 24/7 emergency removal and repair services. What does this mean? 

A swift response is key in fighting mold outbreaks and preventing future ones. That’s why our round-the-clock services are so important. The moment you notice water damage, you understand that you likely have a mold problem.

When mold starts growing, it grows fast. In less than a day, spores attached to your walls or ceilings can start multiplying. When it reaches a point of visibility, it has likely been an issue for a long time. The moment you notice something is wrong, call our emergency mold removal and damage repair team. Our crew will be out to you as quickly as we can. 

Even if it’s the middle of the night, and you stumble across a damp, musty spot, we are here to help. Our emergency services are designed with these moments in mind. Our number one priority is the safe and quick removal of mold. Only then can we repair the issues caused by the moisture. Then, you and your loved ones can return to a happy and comfortable life. Mold waits for no one, and neither should you when it comes to restoring your home. 

We can get rid of mold fast with as little damage as possible, and we have prevention strategies to keep it from coming back. Day or night, our rapid response removal team will be there to get rid of the toxic spores before they get too far. 

When it comes to this stuff, you cannot let it linger. Letting it go unchecked will only make possible health problems and structural damage that much worse. No matter when it happens, the moment you notice a spot, give All Dry USA a call. We are always available, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to get the job done. 

What Kind of Damage Can We Help with? 

Issues related to a waterlogged building can include loss of structural integrity, eventually leading to walls or ceilings collapsing. The issues can spread quickly, and no matter where it is in the building, we can help. We service homes and businesses alike in North Carolina.

Water damage of any kind is also likely to lead to the growth of mold. Mold is the more immediate danger associated with flooding and moisture in the home.

We have a lot of advanced equipment, including masks and suits to protect our team members working in tighter crawl spaces or other areas where we could be more at risk of the mold. Our high-efficiency vacuums and disinfectants enable us to handle most types of mold removals. Even if it isn’t black mold, you can count on us to help. We can clean even the hard to reach areas to keep the mold from spreading. 

Our expert team has a lot of experience with many different types of toxic substances. They’ve seen water damage and the toxic things that spread in the aftermath. Rest assured, we have developed ways to handle it. Our sophisticated equipment can handle nearly anything. 

If you aren’t sure what kind of damage you’ve got on your hands, or how extensive it is, contact us to ask. If it’s happened North Carolina before, the chances are high that we can help. 

Risk and Damage Assessment

When it comes to your safety, we don’t want to take any risks. That’s why we’re going to share with you some of the warning signs to look out for in your home or business. Keep an eye out for these issues and be on the alert to prevent water damage from spiraling into a worse situation.

Areas with Excess Moisture

Even a seemingly spotless home is at risk for mold. Spores can enter at any time, even in cool or dry seasons. Once they enter, they can easily attach to damp or damaged/rotting wood in your house and start growing. Even the smallest bit of moisture goes a long way, and mold growth can get out of hand dangerously fast. 

Look out for areas under sinks, behind toilets, in the ceilings and corners in bathrooms, and near window sills. If you notice any areas where there is moisture build-up, give us a call.

Health Symptoms – Respiratory Problems, Itchy Eyes, and More

Mold caused by water damage isn’t just ugly. It presents a true danger to anyone who lives in or even visits the home. Mold can adversely affect health in any number of ways! Common symptoms that accompany a mold problem include:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Respiratory issues
  • Watery eyes 

For adults and children with asthma, allergies, or respiratory problems, mold is even more dangerous. Exposure to most types of spores will lead to even more severe respiratory problems and difficulty breathing. Mold poisoning (scientific name mycotoxicosis) can lead to fever, headaches, and symptoms that resemble a severe case of the flu. 

In young children, exposure has been linked to the development of asthma later in life. Mold has all kinds of long term health effects on the body, mainly related to the lungs, which could cause a lot of damage to your health. 

Signs of Damage to the Home

Water damage often presents as unsightly spots or soft areas in the walls and ceilings. These spots are easy to see, but the true scope of the damage is often hidden. It works fast, and once you have found it, you can’t just wait for it to go away. You must take action and call the experts! 

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