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Flood Cleanup & Interior Restoration in North Carolina

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Floods can cause devastating damage to homes and businesses in North Carolina. From the structural damage caused by rising waters to the mold and mildew that quickly follows, flood cleanup and interior restoration is a complex process and requires specialized expertise.

Fortunately for homeowners in North Carolina, ADU is an experienced interior water damage restoration service provider that provides quick and thorough cleanup and drying services. With our help, you can restore your home to its pre-flood condition as quickly as possible. Get in touch with us today.

Flood Cleanup & Interior Restoration

What Are the Causes and Concerns of Flooding in North Carolina?

Interior flooding in North Carolina is often caused by heavy rain and rising water levels. Another prevalent factor contributing to interior flooding is poor drainage systems which can cause water or sewage backup to pool near structures, particularly those at low sea levels.

Interior flooding can also happen due to a broken pipe or leak in the home that’s left untreated. Finally, for those who live near the Atlantic coast in North Carolina, storm surges and hurricanes are also factors to consider. When these natural disasters occur in North Carolina, populations found in FEMA’s flood zones must be aware of the risk of flooding.

No matter the cause, flooding brings with it a host of concerns. The first is the apparent damage to both property and personal belongings. This can include floors and walls, furniture, and more. Structural damage can occur if standing water is left untreated for too long, while moisture in the air can lead to toxic mold growth.

Additionally, the humidity and dampness caused by flooding can create an ideal environment for other microbes and mold to grow and thrive. When a flood occurs due to poor drainage or a backup in the pipes, it can also leave leaks behind that may cause more flooding later on if left untreated. Finally, an unfortunate result of flooding can be sewage backup in the home. Sewage backup can contain toxic materials and unsanitary water that must be removed from the house.

When handling such a severe problem, you need a reliable partner that understands interior flood restoration in North Carolina. That’s where ADU comes in.

Our Flood Cleanup & Interior Restoration Services in North Carolina

We hope your home stays dry in the face of a flood, but if it doesn’t, All Dry US is here to act quickly, helping to dry out and restore the interior of your home to its pre-flood condition. We offer many restoration services to meet any needs you may have. Our services include:

  • Property Assessment – We evaluate your property and provide a quote for the services needed.
  • Water Damage Restoration – including carpet, furniture, and tile restorations.
  • Mold Remediation – Pinpoint and remove all signs of mold.
  • Plumbing – Help with sewage backup, pipe blockages, or burst pipes.
  • Leak Detection – Find leaks due to a flood, or pinpoint a leak letting water in.

Are you in need of these flood cleanup services? Call us now for immediate assistance.

Our Extensive Flood Cleanup & Interior Restoration Approach

Our system of interior cleanup and restoration after a flood allows us to work quickly to remove all moisture and get your home back to its original state.

  1. Home Inspection

Our technicians will assess the area in great detail and devise a plan of action, offering you a quote for our proposed services.

  1. Water Extraction

After locating any water or moisture sources, we remove all standing water and use advanced tools for more efficient drying. This is the first step to drying out the home.

  1. Drying & Dehumidification

Our technicians use specialized equipment, including industrial dehumidifiers, to dry out the affected areas entirely and restore normal humidity levels.

  1. Sanitization & Cleaning

We sanitize surfaces in your home and clean all affected items using safe, effective techniques. This step is crucial, as moisture can lead to mold growth. By eliminating all mold spores and sanitizing the area, we’ll help prevent any outbreaks in the future.

  1. Repair & Restoration

We can repair any damaged areas of the home and help restore it to its pre-flood condition. This may entail removing and replacing floorings, such as tiles or carpet, and repairing drywall or ceilings. We can also repaint any needed areas if the paint is damaged from the flood.

  1. Final Walkthrough

Finally, we take a final walkthrough of the area with you to make sure you’re happy with the work we’ve done before we leave.

Need Flood Cleanup Servies in North Carolina? Let Us Help!

If you’re looking for flood cleanup and interior restoration services in North Carolina, All Dry US is your right partner. We’re experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience to provide superior service. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment if you need water damage or mold remediation services. We’re here to help.


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