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Storm damage can be devastating, from flooding to wind and hail damage. The best chance for a smooth recovery is to take action fast.

All Dry USA provides interior storm repair services in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Our highly skilled professionals will restore your property to its pre-storm condition quickly. We understand how stressful this time can be, so we strive to make the process as seamless as possible. Call today for assistance.

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Our Storm Damage Repair Services in West Palm Beach

All Dry USA is the premier provider of interior storm repair services in West Palm Beach. Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to handle any storm-related emergencies. Whether you’ve experienced flooding, wind damage, hail, or lightning damage, our team can help.

Flood Damage

Living near the water has its perks, but it also has downsides, like flooding after a storm. Water damage from flooding can ruin your carpet, weaken your foundation, destroy personal property, cause mold infestations, and more. Our team of experienced professionals will assess your flood damage and offer the best solution to dry and restore your property quickly and safely.

Wind Damage

West Palm Beach is no stranger to high winds associated with storms. Heavy winds can tear off shingles, crack siding, throw projectiles through glass, and more. Roof and siding destruction is an issue, but it can quickly lead to interior damage if not treated quickly. Our experts can help remove debris and repair your interiors to repair anything that may have gotten damaged due to destructive winds.

Hail and Lightning Damage

Hail and lightning damage can be especially damaging to your home or business. Hailstones may cause dents in your siding, roofing, gutters, and more. These holes may seem inconsequential but can quickly lead to water leaks and mold problems. Lightning strikes have the potential to start fires and cause electrical surges that can destroy electronics. Our experienced technicians will assess any hail or lightning-related storm issues and provide a plan of action to treat and restore your home or business.

Steps to Take After Storm-Related Property Damage in West Palm Beach

If you’ve sustained storm-related property damage in West Palm Beach, there are some essential steps before calling All Dry USA. Use this guide to walk you through the most critical steps, and always contact us as soon as possible to get started on repairs and restoration.

1. Report Hazards

Storms can create potential safety hazards like broken tree limbs, power lines, etc. It is important to note any potential hazards you may encounter on your property and report them to local authorities. Someone will come to your property to treat the issue if there’s a significant risk. Stay away from hazards such as downed power lines, flooded electrical outlets, and caved-in roofs until professionals are on the scene.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

You must contact your insurance company as soon as possible after a storm. Even if the problem doesn’t seem severe, it never hurts to contact them and make sure everything gets taken care of properly. Provide them with all the information you currently have about the damage to your home and the storm itself.

3. Contact All Dry USA

After you’ve called local authorities regarding any pressing dangers and contacted your insurance company to notify them of the issue, give All Dry USA a call. We offer 24/7 emergency service, complete inspections, and repairs and services for damage due to wind, water, and mold.

We also have experience working closely with most major insurance companies, so we can help make the claims process easier for you.

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Our Complete Storm Damage Repair Process

Once on-site, our experienced professionals will inspect your property to assess the situation. We have a full set of services to repair and restore your home or business.

1. Hazard Removal

Our first step is to remove debris, broken branches, or other items that high-speed winds or flooding may have spread across your property. Our technicians follow all safety protocols and will clear any potential hazards from your property before we move on to the next step.

2. Property Inspection

After clearing the debris, our experts will thoroughly inspect your property for water and mold damage, structural damage, and any other signs of storm damage that a recent storm may have caused.

3. Interior Drying

If flooding has occurred or is suspected, it is vital to dry out the affected areas as soon as possible. We use state-of-the-art drying techniques and equipment, including special vacuums and dehumidifiers, to make sure everything is completely dry before repairs and restoration begin.

4. Repair and Restore

Once the property is completely dried out, our certified technicians will repair any storm damage and restore your building to its original condition. Restoration may include repairing or replacing carpeting or other floorings. We also specialize in interior repairs, including drywall repair and painting services.

Need Wind & Storm Damage Restoration Services in West Palm Beach? Get in Touch!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if your West Palm Beach home or business has sustained storm-related damage. All Dry USA is available 24/7 to answer questions and provide a complete inspection of your property and the damage done by a recent storm. Call us for more information about our wind & storm damage repair service.

All Dry USA Customer Reviews

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Over the weekend we discovered a discoloration in our bedroom wall and immediately suspected water damage. I called All Dry on Tuesday and made an appointment for the following day. All Dry was very professional and performed well. I was very happy with the service and would use them again or recommend them to a neighbor or friend.


Blake and his crew came out by 9:30 in the morning and immediately looked over the damage and where water had started from. They were very professional and took great care of furnishings and household items They were very courteous and understandable to my mom whose dementia was pronounced with the flood. Very helpful team.

John C

We had a water leak in our in our bedroom with mold. Blake came out and thoroughly examined the damage helping us get to the root of the problem. He helped us develop a treatment plan for our mold problem and reassured us. He was great. I will definitely refer All Dry restoration to anyone with issues like ours.

Steven L.


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