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Anyone living in Florida knows that it comes with certain hazards. After all, it’s as famous for its hurricanes as its beaches. With this in mind, being prepared for a storm and knowing what to do after one is paramount. Keeping your home safe is of utmost importance, whether challenged by wind or water damage. Read on to learn all you need to know about damage repair after a storm – and how we can support you in the process.

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Our Storm Damage Repair Services in Florida

Flood Damage

If you’ve experienced a flood, one thing is certain. You’ll need to watch out for damp and mold damage, which can seriously harm your health – even months or years down the line. Mold works silently to crumble the structural integrity of homes and immune systems. But that’s not all water damage does to a property; foundational issues and wood rot are also common. Our services will tackle all of these issues head-on.

Wind Damage

While we all know wind to be a daily part of life in Florida, when a hurricane or similarly windy storm comes bustling through, the damage it can inflict may be devastating. This is no day at the beach! From ripping your roof off to smashing your windows, intense wind damage is not to be taken lightly. At All Dry USA, we’re dedicated to evaluating your home and its surroundings for any debris damage and repairing it as necessary.

Lightning and Hail Damage

Finally, we deal with lightning and hail damage, with the most significant danger in hail stones piercing holes in your property or smashing delicate windows. And if you’ve experienced lightning in an intense Florida storm, you may have a potential fire risk on your hands. We specialize in fire damage restoration along with our other interior damage repairs so that you can feel safe again in your home.

Steps to Take After Sustaining Storm-Related Property Damage in Florida

  1. Move Away From All Hazards – The first step is ensuring you and your loved ones are safe. This means removing yourself from anything that could harm you, from electrically charged water to wind-broken glass and mold-infested furniture.
  2. Call Your Insurance Company – Report all damages thoroughly and check your policy. The quicker this act is done, the faster you’ll have the financial help you may need to fix your home – as well as access to temporary accommodation, should you require it.
  3. Contact All Dry USA – We will help you evaluate the wind or storm damage and quickly provide an assessment. This is especially important as many types of damage can worsen over time, especially if left unattended. Importantly, a thorough assessment will help your insurance company better understand the overall damage to the premises.
  4. Report Safety Hazards – Any remaining visible hazards should be reported as quickly as possible to local authorities, as this will benefit you and your community. Downed power lines and standing water impacts the whole neighborhood.

Our Complete Storm Damage Repair Process

  1. Emergency Services to Ensure the Property’s Safety – As experts in storm damage repair, we have the tools and knowledge to put measures in place to make your home or property safe again. Our first action will be to assess the situation and remove as many hazards as possible to prevent further damage.
  2. Initial Damage Inspection – While we’re available 24/7, storm damage inspections are only one part of our service in storm repairs. Whether you’re concerned about short-term or long-term issues, we will check over your property and provide our findings. With fully trained and experienced inspectors, you can trust our work to bring your home to a place of safety.
  3. Property Drying and Dehumidifying – All Dry USA has all the equipment and expertise needed to ensure your property is dried out after a flood as soon and as safely as possible. With commercial-grade vacuums, air movers, and dehumidifiers, we are prepared for whatever state your property is in. Most of all, this will ensure that mold cannot grow in your home after a flood, keeping you and your loved ones safe.
  4. Repair and Reconstruction Services – Last but not least, repair and reconstruction is where the magic happens. After all the assessments, hazard removal, and inspections, we will bring in our trusted team with high-powered tools to transform your home from a storm-ridden place back to its former glory. We can do everything from simple carpet stain removals to entire home renovations. Don’t be burdened with the overwhelming aftermath of a storm; we’re here to support you through the process.

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If you live in Florida, you know all too well the devastation that powerful storms and other disasters can inflict upon you and your neighborhood. Whether from flooding, wind damage, or even intense lightning and hail storms, storms can turn your life upside down.

But you’ve got a solution – don’t let the stress of the storm take over! Here at All Dry USA, we’re dedicated to giving your home the repairs it deserves and you the peace of mind you crave! Contact us now to learn more about how we can tailor our services to fit your needs. You’ll be back on the beach in no time.


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