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Jacksonville is no stranger to seasonal storms. Without warning, nature may take a violent turn: hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes are all common disasters in this region. Any of these storms can have a devastating effect on your property, turning your life upside-down.

Big or small, our team at All Dry USA has the equipment and expertise to restore your home and get you back on your feet. Contact us today for 24/7 emergency services!

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Our Storm Damage Repair Services in Jacksonville, FL

Understanding the common signs of storm damage allows you to be better prepared before and after a disaster. We recommend contacting All Dry USA for the following inconveniences:

Flood Damage

Water intrusion from floods may work down to your home’s foundation, compromising the property’s structural integrity, posing a fire threat, or causing mold to grow. Address flood damage without delay! We’ll identify hard-to-reach hiding spots and leak-proof your home.

Wind Damage

Fierce storm winds can bring all levels of damage to your Jacksonville home. These winds can lift the shingles off your roof, leaving your home vulnerable to flying debris. Turn to All Dry USA for immediate storm damage restoration to avoid more costly problems.

Lightning Damage

Lightning is attracted by materials that conduct electricity, such as power lines, cable TV, internet lines, downspouts, metal window frames, gutters, and gas and water pipes. It can inflict severe damage, putting you at risk of fire damage and explosive power surges. Our expert team can identify safety hazards and offer fire damage restoration services.

Hail Damage

A hail storm can damage your windows by cracking window frames and fracturing the panes – inviting unwelcomed critters, insects, and water into your home. A well-aimed hailstone could also break your roof’s defenses and pummel your siding. All Dry USA boards up your home to prevent further damage before beginning the cleanup and repair process.

Steps to Take After Sustaining Storm-Related Property Damage in Jacksonville, FL

Not knowing what to do after sustaining storm damage can put you, your family, and your wallet at risk. Follow these steps at the onset of damage:

1. Document the Damage

Document any storm damage immediately, especially if your homeowner’s insurance only covers specific damages. Take pictures and be meticulous, documenting any exposed power lines, crumbling drywall, or perceived mold development. Include Before and After photos, if possible.

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance provider and file a claim. If they can verify the damages, your policy may cover them! Don’t forget to keep receipts for any temporary living expenses due to storm damage.

All Dry USA has developed excellent relationships with most home and commercial insurance providers; we’re fit to guide you through the documenting and billing process.

3. Report Safety Hazards to Local Authorities

While the storm may be over, it’s essential to stay safe. Make sure to report safety hazards to the local authorities so they can immediately remove or warn others. Hazards like downed power lines, fallen trees, or gas leaks can pose serious health hazards.

4. Contact All Dry USA for Damage Inspection

Hiring a trustworthy and professional storm restoration company can help recover your home quickly. We shoulder the responsibility by offering a thorough damage inspection, property cleanup, and interior repair for your home.

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Our Complete Storm Damage Repair Process

When it comes to storm damage repair, every minute counts. All Dry USA is here when it matters most. Below are the steps we take to restore your property.

1. Emergency Services to Keep Your Property Safe

The first step in the restoration process? Identify safety hazards and protect your home from additional damage. Our experienced specialists use industry-standard tools to dispose of glass shreds and prevent debris and insects from making your house a home.

2. Initial Damage Inspection

A trained inspector will identify all storm-related issues – including those less evident to the untrained eye. You’ll then receive a detailed report of home damage so the insurance company can properly assess damage costs.

3. Property Drying and Dehumidifying

We get rid of unwanted water quickly with commercial-grade pumping equipment. While some water-damaged items can’t be saved, we use high-tech de-humidification tools to restore the rest. If you’ve got potential sewage spills, we’ll clean them up to prevent mold damage.

4. Repair and Reconstruction Services

We can provide a complete interior makeover, from removing debris and standing water to re-carpeting and re-tiling.

Need Wind & Storm Damage Restoration Services in Jacksonville, FL? Get in Touch!

Florida weather can be unpredictable. Even well-prepared homes can suffer devastating storm damage from flooding, wind, water, hail, and lightning. Once the storm has passed, it’s critical to begin the restoration process immediately to avoid severe damage.

Our staff of highly skilled technicians has the know-how and equipment to repair your home quickly. From boarding up your property and extracting unwanted water to helping with insurance claims, we provide storm damage cleanup and restoration services that you can rely on.

At All Dry USA, our team is on-call 24/7, so we can quickly respond to any requests. Whether you need water extraction, lightning repair, mold remediation, or any other wind and storm damage repair services, All Dry USA can help. Call us at 888-998-2379 to restore your home to pre-loss condition – and bring normalcy back into your life.


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