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Do you suspect that you have water intrusion or mold issues in your Jacksonville home or business? Property owners in North Florida know that mold can increase, making your home unlivable or endangering the health of your employees and customers inside your company.

Contact us at All Dry USA for mold inspections and testing. We offer 24/7 emergency mold removal in Jacksonville, FL. Call us today to schedule a free inspection and estimate!



Common Mold Issues in North Florida

With Florida’s naturally high humidity and prevalence of thunderstorms, mold can pop up anywhere in a Jacksonville home or business. Occasional tropical storms and hurricanes can increase the risk of decay, especially if the showers bring heavy flooding.

Mold usually appears after your home or business suffers water damage. Common causes of water damage include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Appliance leaks
  • Storms and flooding

Mold spores can irritate your eyes mucosal linings in the nose and throat and even damage your lungs through continued exposure. Some people are susceptible to mold; even limited exposure can cause serious health problems. At the first sign of musty smells or black fungus on your floors, walls, or window sills, call All Dry USA for a mold inspection.

What if You Find Mold in Your Home or Business?

If you find signs of moisture, water damage, or mold growth inside your home or business, contact us at All Dry USA immediately so we can assess the extent of the damage and determine the best method for mold remediation.

If you see mold inside your residential or commercial property, know what you should and shouldn’t do to remedy your mold issues, including:

  • Do wear appropriate protection when near mold, including a mask, gloves, and protective eyewear
  • Do clean small areas of decay with soap and water
  • Don’t use too much water when cleaning, which can cause further water damage
  • Don’t use bleach to remove mold stains
  • Please don’t wait another minute to call us at All Dry USA for a mold inspection and remediation

Mold Inspections

When we arrive at your property, our first step is to thoroughly inspect the entire building to determine any water damage or intrusion sources. Even if the mold is only actively growing in one area, spores could spread throughout the building near any source of moisture and become a rampant problem if we don’t determine weak points that could become breeding grounds.

We look for mold and moisture in walls, ceilings, carpets, air ducts, crawl spaces, attics, and nearby appliances and plumbing fixtures. It can take us a few hours to check where mold or mildew typically grows.

Mold Testing

We’ll collect samples during our inspection to test for harmful mold species in humans or pets. Toxic mold spores include:

  • Stachybotrys, or “black mold.”
  • Chaetomium
  • Aspergillus
  • Penicillium
  • Fusarium
  • Alternaria

While many of these species are often present in many homes and other buildings, continuous exposure to a large number of spores can be harmful to people susceptible to certain mold strains. Moisture trapped under carpets or behind walls can cause these dangerous strains to proliferate and cause serious health problems for some people.

Mold Removal Services

Once we locate the mold growth areas and water sources, we’ll repair the leaks feeding the mold spores. We’ll place fans and dehumidifiers around our work areas to dry any spots where moisture has absorbed into drywall, particle board, carpets, or wood furniture.

We then apply fungicidal treatments to visible mold growth on walls, ceilings, floors, baseboards, and air vents and ducts. Removing the moisture and mold can take several days for cases with a lot of mold growth.

By removing living spores, fixing the problem that caused the water damage, and drying your home or business thoroughly with fans and dehumidifiers, we can prevent mold from returning.

Why Choose All Dry USA?

At All Dry USA, we’re locally owned, fully licensed and insured, and the leading experts on mold remediation in North Florida. Contact us today for:
24/7 response for emergency mold removal services

  • Award-winning customer service
  • Top-quality equipment and technician training
  • Friendly and professional technicians, every visit
  • Residential mold remediation
  • Commercial mold removal

All Dry USA Customer Reviews

All Dry USA is Rated: 4.6 / 5 based on 410 reviews

We love Bernard!! He's very knowledge, extremely professional, and is so much fun to work with! He answered questions that we had before we even asked them! He really made our home renovation run so smoothly. Great company, great people! We trust Bernard's opinion and he gives great advice. So glad I found Bernard and this company! Pleasure to work with- 100%! We're recommending them to all of our family and friends!

Michelle T.

I am a property manager and I have worked with a lot of restorations companies and every experience was not a great one. As soon as I started using All Dry USA my experience has been amazingly great! Gabe has made my job as a property manager so much less stressful and easier. Gabe has been professional since day 1 and is very good about following up! I recommend this company for any restorations rehab needs!

Liliana I.

Their teams were very helpful, easy to talk to, and truly knowledgeable. The lead technician (Zsolt), was extremely insightful and tenacious while on the job, and walked me through each part of the process. Their management team is extremely friendly, professional, and accommodating! I feel like they genuinely want to satisfy the customer and will go out of their way to do so. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.


About Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is home to nearly one million people. Located on the First Coast, the area is home to several ports, Naval bases, golf courses, stadiums, arenas, and parks. Residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting the famous Jacksonville beaches. In fact, approximately 10% of the Jacksonville workforce works in the tourism or tourism support industries.

While the area rarely experiences direct hits from tropical storms or hurricanes, Jacksonville is often in the affected area. For help with fire damage, water damage, or mold removal in Jacksonville, FL, call us at All Dry USA (888) 998-2379.


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