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Many people think that mold only grows after flooding or a major storm that caused water to leak into the home. What people don’t know is that sometimes it can grow because of high humidity and poor ventilation.

Mold should always be taken care of immediately because it can cause upper respiratory tract issues. It’s even possible to contract mold-poisoning. For these reasons it’s important to contact our professional mold removal experts.

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Common Mold Issues in Homes and Businesses

You can locate mold anywhere in a home or business, but it most likely will grow on most substances if there is moisture. It grows from spores that are carried by air currents. Homes and businesses usually end up developing it because of water damage caused by leaks, burst pipes, etc.

No matter the source, it is an irritant and a threat to your health. Since it produces allergens, it can cause a reaction in some people. Some common symptoms of a mold allergy are a runny nose, sneezing, skin rash, and red eyes. This fungus can also trigger asthma attacks.

The only way to control it is by containing moisture. If you find mold, don’t wait to consult a professional. Otherwise, it will continue to spread.

In the meantime, you can clean and dry small areas, but do not put yourself close to the affected area without a mask. Let the professionals take care of the problem.

What to Do When you Find mold?

The first thing you should do when you find mold is to contact All Dry USA. Our team of experts is well-equipped to handle inspection and removal. If you want to clean some of the moldy surfaces in your home, you can scrub them with a cleaning solution.


If you think there is mold in your home, we can conduct a thorough inspection. It’s easy to find on drywall, but it can also grow underneath carpets or inside walls and air ducts.

From there, we take a sample of it so we can test it and discover the species. Knowing the species will allow us to better understand the associated health risks with the type of mold on your property.


A key part of the removal process is water damage restoration. Since mold needs moisture to exist, the source of moisture should be removed immediately.

Once that’s handled, we use high-efficiency vacuums and disinfectants to remove traces of it from wood, walls, carpets, and ceilings. Our equipment even removes spores from the air to improve air quality.


The best way to prevent mold growth is by improving ventilation, using dehumidifiers, and fixing any leaks. Again, it needs moisture to thrive. Cutting it off from its source will prevent growth.

Local Business – Why Choose All Dry USA?

All Dry USA is one of the leading mold inspection and removal companies in Doral, FL. We are a locally-owned business, and we promise every client 24/7 emergency services, free estimates, immediate local responses, and direct insurance claims.

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About the Area

Miami-Dade County features the beautiful Doral city located in close proximity to Miami. It is just one mile from the international airport and less than an hour away from downtown Miami. Because of its being near to the airport and large area, Doral is home to a large number of importers, exporters, businesses, and financial institutions. In fact, it boasts an ideal mix of lifestyle appeal and business advantages. However, Doral is also affected by floods and climate change. It is affected by several natural and man-made calamities including fires, floods, and hurricanes. Just last year Hurricane Irma hit Doral with a Category 4 strength. All Dry USA is the go-to emergency restoration rescue. The company offers flood or water damage restoration as well as mold remediation and fire damage restoration services.

All Dry USA Customer Reviews

All Dry USA is Rated: 4.7 / 5 based on 194 reviews

The customer service I received from All Dry was beyond what I was expecting. They helped me in my time of need when I really didn't know what to do. They were extremely professional and timely. Special thanks to Johnny!

Jamie G.

Blake and his crew came out by 9:30 in the morning and immediately looked over the damage and where water had started from. They were very professional and took great care of furnishings and household items They were very courteous and understandable to my mom whose dementia was pronounced with the flood. Very helpful team.

John C.

Came out right after calling and put up heat dryers and large dehumidifiers to take the moisture out of the house and arranged for someone to come out and tarp the roof. We have never had an insurance problem before and he took care of all of the arrangements for us. I don't know what we would have done without him. This company is a miracle worker and I would recommend them to everyone. It is in my rollerdex and should be in yours.

Alisson T.


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