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The Importance of Independent Third Party Mold Testing

The Importance of Independent Third Party Mold Testing

Mold remediation can be a very long process that frustrates you as a homeowner. Understandably, if you have mold in your home, you want to have it removed as soon as possible. However, there is something very interesting about mold restoration that many individuals do not know.

Any restoration company certified in mold remediation in the state of Florida is not allowed to test for mold and therefore, a third-party independent tester must be hired. The reason for this is that it could be a conflict of interest for the restoration company if they did the testing for mold as well.

“The reason for the independent tester is the assessor has no vested interest other than the fact that mold exists. The analogy I use with people on the phone is you wouldn’t have Colonel Sanders watch the chicken coop,” said Gerry Berra, who is an independent tester in South Florida.

What are the available mold tests?

There are two types of tests a third party tester will usually conduct. The first of which is a swab test, which is where they take a cue tip, swab the mold, and send it to the lab. The other test is an air sample test, where the third party tester will trap some air and send it to the lab. Lab results will typically come back within 48 hours. If you think you have mold issues in your home, you can call All Dry USA for a free inspection today! Let us provide you with an inspection and estimate for mold testing costs.

Our mission is to provide our community with the safest air quality possible. To accomplish this, we make sure that we use the newest technology for mold inspections and testing. Breathing in mold can lead to many health concerns such as asthma, sinusitis, respiratory problems, and more. Your safety is our number 1 concern at All Dry USA, so we will immediately detect any interior mold that may be harmful to you and your family and eliminate it.


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