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How Does Vinegar Get Rid of Mold in Carpets?

How Does Vinegar Get Rid of Mold in Carpets?

Mold is a pesky fungus that can accumulate on several of your home’s surfaces. While it can grow virtually anywhere, the spores need moisture to thrive. Carpets in the kitchen, bathroom, or outside are prime targets for mold growth and cause severe damage or health risks.

However, a small amount on your carpet doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in danger. That said, it’s always best to get rid of it as soon as possible. In this post, we’ll teach you how to use vinegar to quickly eliminate the fungus in your carpet.

Why Choose Vinegar To Get Rid of Mold in Carpets?

It Helps Get Rid of the Musky Smell

One of the worst parts of having mold on your carpet is the smell. The spores release various compounds that can make the room smell musky and unpleasant. Not only does vinegar slow down mold growth, but it also eliminates nasty odors.

It’s Highly Effective

Vinegar has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it extremely efficient for killing spores. White vinegar is highly acidic and can kill over 80% of mold species. A lot of homeowners want to reach for bleach, tests have shown that vinegar is far more effective for killing fungi.

It’s Affordable

Vinegar is extremely affordable, and you can buy it almost anywhere. It may be better than a costly cleaning solution if you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to remove mold from your carpet.

How To Get Rid of Carpet Mold Using Vinegar

Getting rid of mold with vinegar is incredibly simple. However, to get rid of long-term, you need to first fix the moisture problem that’s causing the fungal growth in the first place. If you don’t solve the moisture issue, it will come back right after cleaning it.

To reduce moisture, you can try:

  • Open your windows to let fresh air inside and improve your home’s ventilation
  • Dry up wet areas right away
  • Keep your home’s humidity levels healthy

Once you solve the moisture problem, now you’re ready to use vinegar to get rid of mold in your carpet.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies Ready

To kill mold with vinegar, you’ll need the following items:

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Cleaning towel
  • Brush
  • Spray bottle

Person Wearing A Pair Of Blue Nitrile Gloves

Step 2: Open Your Windows

Open up all the windows in the room to help improve the ventilation. Bringing fresh air into the room will help reduce moisture and lessen the intense vinegar odor.

Step 3: Add Vinegar to the Spray Bottle

Add undiluted vinegar to the spray bottle and spray it straight onto the affected area. Let the vinegar rest on the mold for about an hour before you scrub or rinse it. Letting it sit allows the carpet to completely absorb the vinegar to maximize its effect.

Step 4: Scrub Your Carpet

Use your brush to brush the carpet thoroughly. Try to evenly distribute the vinegar throughout the entire carpet, so you ensure you’re killing all the fungus. Remember, use gloves, and face mask, and eye protection to keep yourself safe from the mold’s toxic compounds.

Step 5: Rinse Your Carpet

Take warm water and rinse your carpet along with the surrounding cleaning area. After rinsing, you can add a few more sprays of vinegar and let it dry out. Adding extra vinegar will ensure you kill all the spores and prevent future growth. The vinegar smell typically goes away after a few hours.

Alternative Cleaning Solutions

Baking Soda

Baking soda has several uses outside the kitchen. Like vinegar, it has natural antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent solution for killing and preventing mold. You can use baking soda to kill mold similarly to vinegar.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a popular disinfectant generally used to clean wounds. Like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide has antimicrobial properties that will eliminate mold spores. However, it’s a better solution for hard surfaces than porous ones.


Bleach is a powerful solution for killing mold. You can mix in bleach with some water and apply it similarly to vinegar. That said, numerous cleaning professionals don’t recommend using bleach as it can be harmful to work with.

Professional Help

If you don’t have the time or want a sure way to eliminate mold for good, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. Our team of expert cleaners at All Dry USA has all the necessary equipment and experience to remove mold safely.


Without a doubt, mold can be extremely frustrating. It’s unsightly, smells bad, and can be potentially harmful to your health. Fortunately, now you have an easy and affordable way to get rid of mold in your carpet using vinegar. Remember, always wear protective clothing while attempting to remove mold.

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