everything you need to know about tropical storm fay

Tropical Storm Fay – Everything You Need To Know and Do

Tropical Storm Fay made landfall during the night of Friday, July 10th. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm was just 10 miles north-northeast of Atlantic City at the time of impact. The key areas most likely to be affected were New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and New England. If your home or office was damaged by Tropical Storm Fay, contact our New York property restoration experts at All Dry USA!

What You Need to Know About Tropical Storm Fay

Thankfully the storm passed through with no reports of any significant injuries or damage in any of the high-risk states. Here’s what we know about Storm Fay:

  • It featured maximum sustained winds of 45mph with higher gusts associated. At the time of impact, these winds began to weaken
  • Following landfall, it proceeded to move north at speeds of 14mph. Its speed increased as it moved closer towards western New England and New York
  • Multiple reports of minor flooding were made but thankfully no significant impact damage was sustained
  • The heaviest of the associated rainfall was detected in the northern and western areas of the storm
  • As time went on, the wind and rain dissipated from south to north as the storm progressed
  • The highest risk areas for flooding were east coast states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England, and New York

What Damages Can Occur in a Tropical Storm Like Fay

Tropical storms can wreak havoc on homes. The mixture of strong winds and heavy rainfall can cause a myriad of problems that can prove disastrous to your property. These can include:

  • Water damage caused by flooding
  • Multiple leaks throughout your home
  • Structural damage due to high winds, especially to your roof and windows
  • Mold growth due to excessive damp following the storm

The repercussions of a storm are far-reaching. Luckily, we’re here to help.

How We Can Help with Tropical Storm Fay

If you have experienced any damage to your home, or fear you may in the future, then we have solutions. Our experts are available 24/7 to offer advice or immediate local response in case of emergencies. Listed below is just some of the services we offer:

  • Water Damage Restoration: the heavy rainfall associated with tropical storms can cause extensive damage through flooding. Our restoration services remove all excess moisture to avoid future mold growths and completely restore any damaged structures within your property
  • Professional Roof Tarping: the best way to avoid leaks caused by tropical storms is via preventative measures. Our roof tarping creates a waterproof barrier to secure your property from future damage
  • Emergency Repair Services: sometimes you require immediate assistance. Nature is unpredictable and damage caused can be enormous. We’re available 24/7 to respond to your needs in an emergency
  • Leak Detection: the only thing more frustrating than a noticeable leak is one you can’t detect the source of. Our experts help identify where the leak has emerged from and also work to prevent it from happening in the future
  • Preventative Storm Protection: nature is unpredictable but you don’t need to be helpless to it. We can offer a variety of preventative measures to secure your home from future disasters

Contact Our Professionals Today!

Our experts are eagerly waiting to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re calling about preventative measures or you’re seeking assistance with a current problem, we’re here to help!


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