The Dry Wall Crumble | A Customer’s Story

Have you ever felt like your house is falling apart? Is your drywall actually wet? Is it crumbling? For one of our customers, this was actually the case. Their drywall was crumbling near the patio and water was seeping through the baseboard. They gave a call to All Dry USA to have us inspect the water leak and dry the water damage.

The Story & The Aftermath

The cause of the crumbling drywall was due to a leak above the sliding glass door. The water leak trickled down to the baseboard and tile. This caused the drywall to become unstable and fall. Outside of the obvious damage, we tested the moisture amount and showed 99.99%.We were able to dry the moisture in the affected area and prevent further water damage in Huntington, NY.

A special thank you to our technicians as our customer had this to say “Joshua and Maurice were excellent, proficient & Courteous. CLASS ACT!”

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