how to get insurance to pay for water damage

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Water Damage

Finding out your home has been significantly damaged, for whatever reason, be it fire or flood, or burglary, can be a devastating experience. The old expression goes that a man’s home is his castle – when yours has been damaged, it can feel like your castle has fallen to an invading hoard.

Luckily, no damage is truly irreparable, even when possessions of sentimental value are damaged. Your home can be restored to its former glory and become your castle once again, and new photographs can be taken, new memories made, and new gifts given. As long as you and your loved ones are safe, it really will work out fine.

However, that’s easier said than felt when you’re living the aftermath of significant water damage. One of the biggest fears in the aftermath is that you don’t have enough funds to repair everything. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure you eliminate all financial fears, and ensure you get a pay-out when an incident of water damage occurs.

Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Halt Disaster…

The first thing you want to ensure is that you have a robust home insurance policy before disaster even occurs. Obviously, this advice is not helpful if the worst has already happened. However, if you’re curious about homeowner’s insurance and want to make sure you’re protected from all forms of water damage, you may need some add-ons to the standard package.

There are a few instances that aren’t covered by standard insurance, such as repairs to the roof after heavy rainfall, or repairs to damage due to flooding. You can customize your package to make sure you’re covered for these instances if you’re in a high-risk area for things like heavy rainfall or flooding, for example. That’s half the battle to getting a decent pay-out.

… But Helps You Get Back on Track Faster

The first thing to do if your home has already fallen prey to significant water damage is to fight your instincts. When you walk into your water damaged home, your gut reaction will be to begin the long process of cleaning and drying everything affected. As hard as it is, you must resist the temptation – a decent insurance pay-out might depend on it.

If you make permanent repairs before someone from your insurance company has taken a look at your property, you might be denied retrospective coverage, and find yourself left to cough up the bill on your own.

On the other hand, if your claim is accepted, you may just find yourself with a generous settlement package, that will help make the overall cost of restoration so much less. Then you can choose to use a professional restoration business. At All Dry USA, we will make sure your home is free from mold, excessive moisture and all the other negative repercussions of water damage. Paying for a professional renovation operation with a professional company is the best way to guarantee that once the water’s gone, it’s gone for good.

5 Steps for a Successful Claim

Make sure you review your policy carefully and know exactly what you’re claiming for. Then follow these five steps to do the most you can to make a successful claim:

  • Inform Your Insurance Company. Do it as quickly as possible. The sooner they’re informed of a claim, the sooner they’ll be to visit, and the higher the likelihood of a pay-out.
  • Prevent Additional Damage. Make sure you board up any broken doors or windows and cover any damage in the roof with tarpaulin. Turn off the water supply to prevent any additional leakages.
  • Secure Your Remaining Valuables. If you’ve noticed that some of your more valuable objects have survived the deluge, make sure you take them out of harm’s way. Move them to a dry and secure location.


All the above steps are considered emergency actions, and so will not affect your insurance claim, unlike more permanent repairs.

  • Get Proof of the Damage. This is the time when your smartphone will be your best friend. Make sure you get extensive picture and video recordings of all the areas that have been damaged. This way, you’ll have irrefutable proof of any and all damage.
  • Preserve Any Broken Parts. If there is anything in the home that caused the damage, like a beam fallen through the roof or a busted pipe, keep it as physical evidence of the breakage until the insurance company surveyor comes.

In short, if you follow these steps, the chances are you should get a good pay-out – which means your insurance can pick up the bill for a great renovation. After that, your next step is to call All Dry USA for professional water damage repair and renovation!

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