how often should you replace your carpet

How Often Should You Replace Carpet

Many people will look at their older carpets and wonder if it is time for a replacement. However, oftentimes, a professional cleaning can do the trick.

Determining if a cleaning or replacement is necessary can be even more difficult when issues such as flooding have damaged your carpet. The following are some of the things to consider when determining if you should replace or simply clean your carpet.


Unsightly Stains

Carpet Stain Cleaning

Many carpets come with a finish that is stain resistant. Over time, that treatment will wear away, leaving your carpet unprotected.

Professional cleaners know how to remove the tricky stains you may not be able to remove. The problem though is that many cleaners will only clean down to the base of your carpet. Cleaning these types of stains requires a system that uses a flood extraction tool. This process involves flooding the stained area with a cleaning solution. Next, the cleaner uses an extraction tool to remove the stains from the padding and the carpet.

The toughest stains to remove involve bleach, tea, wine and mustard. Stains caused by mold, mildew, feces, vomit or pet urine are gross but not too difficult to clean. The important factor here is time. If you address the stain quickly, it can be removed. The key is cleaning these stains before they get under the padding.

If these types of biological stains are in several areas, replacing the carpet may be the wisest choice. A deep clean or a replacement can help to avoid any health issues from mold.


The Wear and Tear

Polyester carpets are notorious for becoming matted and losing their shape and form. Once the carpet starts to flatten and lose the tufts, no amount of professional cleaning will restore it to its original shape.

Nylon carpets are usually much more resilient than polyester. Nylon will respond much better to a professional cleaning even when it is matted down.

As for rips and tears in the carpet, it may be possible to repair small tears and rips on your own. The other option is to hire a professional to repair the damage. Larger rips and tears tend to be a sign that the carpet needs replacement.

Carpet Wear And Tear Removed

This is even more important if the damage is on the main walkways and on the stairs. These issues can cause people to trip and become injured.


Check the Carpet Padding

The padding on a carpet is a bit like a pillow inside a pillowcase. The carpet is just a piece of fabric without the layer of padding. The padding serves many functions including:

  • It acts as a support for the carpet
  • Makes it comfortable to walk and lay down on the carpet
  • Works as a foundation for the floor
  • Reduces the noise from treading feet
  • Acts as insulation

These are all benefits of padding. However, the padding also can absorb spills. Often, DIY home cleaning doesn’t get to the padding. This can lead to stains that don’t completely go away.

Signs that the padding is old and that the carpet may need to be replaced include unevenness, wrinkles, and noticeable sounds when you walk over the old padding. The only way to fix old padding is to replace it. This entails replacing the entire carpet.


Smelly Carpets

Pet owners and people who haven’t cleaned their carpets in a long time, especially after water damage, usually notice a smell that lingers. This odor should be eliminated with a thorough cleaning. If that isn’t the case, then it means that the odor has managed to penetrate through the carpet fibers to the padding or even the subflooring. A pungent smell can also indicate that there is a mildew or mold issue.

In many cases, the most cost-effective measure is a deep cleaning by a professional. Carpet cleaners often can eliminate odors completely. They will remove any mold or mildew that was beginning to grow.

Deciding whether to replace or simply cleaning your carpet depends on several factors. Mostly, it is a matter of weighing the cost of replacing a carpet with the more affordable cost of cleaning.

At All Dry USA, we can clean your water damaged carpets and save you some money. There may come a time when we will recommend replacements. However, our experts won’t push you to come to that costly decision until necessary.

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