how social media can help in Florida's hurricane season

3 Ways Social Media Can Help You in Hurricane Season in FL

A hurricane is more than just bad weather. These storms can be devastating and cause significant damage to property. The strong winds and heavy rains can make it unsafe to even commute to and from work, and power outages make for widespread food shortages, an inability to use the shower, watch the news, or use important appliances like your refrigerator.

If you’re prepping for a hurricane, how do you keep up to date on the status of the storm, and the best ways to secure your home to stand up to these natural disasters? Here are some of the most highly recommended social media platforms and trends to help you survive the worst hurricanes of the season.


1.The National Weather Service

One company that makes abundant use of social media platforms in order to keep civilians safe during harsh weather conditions is the National Weather Service. This government company is present on both Facebook and Twitter and uses these platforms to fulfill its mission of providing forecasts and warnings in order to help you to be weather-ready

Twitter isn’t just for fun hashtags. The National Weather Service, represented by the username @NWS on the social media platform Twitter, delivers daily updates on the status of incoming storms throughout the country. Installing the Twitter app on your mobile phone means that you can enable updates whenever the NWS posts to their account.

They also make use of Facebook, enabling most Americans who possess the popular social media to account to access crucial data and forecasts even while they are away from a television set or haven’t had a chance to look at the morning paper.


2.Hurricane Tracker

This social media account is owned by the operators of the groundbreaking Hurricane Tracker app. This app allows you to know precisely when your area becomes at risk of hurricane-related damage, which is increasingly important as storm-related symptoms can be dangerous, and even fatal. The harsh winds can blow debris in the streets and make maneuvering in these conditions dangerous, so even those traveling through hurricane risk areas should know the status of the storm.

You don’t even need to download the app to receive these important updates. This company also operates an Instagram under the username @hurricanetracker. They deploy easy-to-read maps depicting the path of the hurricane, with descriptions and corresponding data.

The app, which is named by CNN as the best tracking app for hurricanes, is also present on Twitter. Sometimes maps can be difficult or confusing to read for the average citizen. Luckily, the company can reply directly to questions posted on Twitter by concerned or confused users of the app, making it a completely customer-friendly experience.

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 3.Essential Hashtags

Hashtags are used across various social media platforms to unite the community by creating a stream of searchable posts on a given topic. One of the most popular hashtags for communicating about upcoming hurricanes is the #HurricanePrep tag.

Searching this hashtag on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter yields many results from individuals all over the country, and you can even post your own questions or comments to get community responses. Finding the best and latest tips for food storage and storm safety can be as easy as typing a hashtag into a social media platform. Getting tips from other people can make your hurricane preparation even more successful.

Another popular and helpful hurricane hashtag is the #HurricaneStrong tag. This contains posts along the lines of hurricane updates, preparation tips, and links to other helpful resources that can be consulted for updates and data on evacuation zones. Keying into these hashtags is an essential step in getting your home, your food supply, and your area storm-ready.


Social Media and Safety

Social media isn’t just for keeping up with old friends. It is, above all, a communication tool. If used properly, these platforms can be used to secure property and even save lives during a devastating hurricane.

Whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another platform, social media is a great solution to help with storm preparedness. And for detailed information on repairing storm damage once the hurricane has passed, log on to our website.

Social media can operate while on the go, in the car or public transportation, or during a power outage, and it is free to access on any computer or mobile device. These attributes make it one of the most widely accessible informational systems being used today to disperse helpful tips and important information about hurricanes.

Following these essential hashtags and social media accounts will undoubtedly help to make your life easier this hurricane season in Florida!

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