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Protecting Your House Before The Storm

While there is no standard timetable, the National Weather Service often identifies potentially serious storms days before they make landfall. Because it is the most hurricane-prone U.S. state, meteorologists keep a close eye on Florida and the nearby Caribbean, which is where most Atlantic tropical depressions develop. When a mandatory evacuation is issued, families should pack up and head for safe ground. But before they depart, it is often a good idea to contact a company that offers emergency property protection services.

How can we help prepare your home for a storm?

Millions of Floridians have survived tropical storms and hurricanes. But as battle-tested as they may be, most do not think rationally when ominous clouds approach; perhaps because they feel helpless, trapped in the grip of something larger than themselves. Though the safety of your friends and loved ones should always be your first priority, it is possible to protect your home from the elements. There’s a reason why major hurricanes get a lot of headlines—they’re quite rare! There have only been a handful of them in the past decade, which has been one of the most active in recent memory. While it is true that nothing can stop a category 5 hurricane from leveling just about any structure, no matter how stoutly made, it is possible to protect homes from less powerful storms, which are the most common kind!

Boarding Up

It is well known that Florida is very susceptible to hurricanes and tropical systems. Florida’s geographic location makes it a prime target for storms that develop in the Atlantic Ocean. We provide emergency services in the event of a major storm and we will protect the most vulnerable and fragile parts of the home with plywood.

Tarping Services

Florida is known as the Sunshine State but there is an abundance of rainfall (and potential hurricanes) between the months of May and November. Tarping the roof of your home can be extremely effective especially if the roof is already compromised. Homes with older roofs or roofs with pre-existing leaks benefit the most from our tarps.

Getting Your Home Back to Normal After The Storm

Securing your home after it has been damaged is a great way to help prevent any future issues from exposure to the elements and also loss due to vandals and thieves. We can professionally board your home up immediately after any kind of damage has occurred whether it is from fire, flood, or storms.


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