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Protecting Your Commercial Property

Dozens of violent storms hit the US each season. Tornados, hail storms, hurricanes and even tropical cyclones are just a few of the types of storms we experience. Tropical cyclones often form in the nearby Caribbean and either pass on by or make landfall. Most are relatively minor storms that do not cause much damage, as long as homeowners take the proper precautions. Most of these tempests are rated at a 1, 2, or 3 on the SSHS hurricane scale. Of course, these storms can still do damage. But they are not apocalyptic events.




With the help of trained professionals, it should be possible to protect your office, warehouse, or medical facility from driving rain and high winds. It is for this reason that board-up companies are always in high demand when ominous clouds appear on the horizon. Guarding every vulnerable entryway is an absolute must! Flying debris and the elements can destroy unprotected areas in no time if they are not properly and professionally boarded up.

When to call?

Boarding up your business on your own is almost always a mistake. Not only will it take hours to cover exposed entryways with plywood boards, it can be quite dangerous. Even when installed on the ground floor, these barriers can do damage to window and doorframes, since they require screws and nails to secure. Our fitted boards are equipped with hurricane clasps that are safer and sturdier than other adhesives. We also have experience boarding up commercial properties such as medical facilities, office buildings, warehouses, and retail stores.

Boarding Up Your Commercial Property

Unless your business is equipped with hurricane shutters, and few are, an approaching storm may require immediate action. Although they are inexpensive, plywood boards aren’t nearly as easy to install as you might think. This is particularly true if you own an office or medical facility on the second or third floor. Climbing up a ladder with tools and boards shortly before a storm is most assuredly unsafe. Only trained professionals are qualified to put in custom-fitted boards that are much stronger and more stable than anything you might find at your local hardware store.

After the Storm

Nobody ever said all people are good. After any national tragedy, there is always some group that looks to exploit it. Burglars, looters, vandals, and thieves flood into these devastated areas under the cover of night. Most try make off with anything valuable before the authorities arrive. The only way to protect your damaged office building is to send in the pros. We will make sure that all possible entryways are stable and secure. This should and often will discourage criminals from targeting your place of business.

When trouble is on the horizon, we always begin by measuring the windows, doors, and other entryways of your office, warehouse, or medical facility. We can then custom cut a board to cover each of them. Next, we install these boards using plastic hurricane clips, which are not only easier and faster to put in, they also will not damage window and door frames, as nails and screws can do. Last but not least, we will label each board before we remove it so that it can be used to protect your office or store from the next storm.

Tarping Services

Millions of business owners have roofs that either leak or are past their prime. Most don’t replace them because the costs are prohibitive. But when a violent storm approaches, it can destroy a dilapidated roof in no time. The only reliable way to protect it from the elements is to get a professional installation team to cover your damaged roof with a water-resistance tarp that fits it like a glove.


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