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Commercial Property Leak Detection

Whether we’re talking about tires, ceiling, or walls, all leaks get worse over time. As water or air escapes from damaged areas, the holes get bigger and problems inevitably ensue. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in unseen damage in visibly sound structures. The reason for this is simple: most of them are concealed by drywall or wood. And unless you hear them dripping, the leak may not be detected until a wet spot appears, which means the inside of the structure has almost certainly been destroyed. We have years of leak detection experience in commercial businesses, offices, medical facilities, and warehouses.



What to look for?

An unexplained increase in your monthly water bill is generally the first sign of a water leak. First check to see if the toilet is running or a faucet is leaking. If both are in perfect working order, the most common culprit is a plumping leak.

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Who to call?

A serious problem calls for a serious professional. A plumbing leak of any kind can result in thousands of dollars in damage to your property or its contents. Computers, copiers, office supplies, and company records can be destroyed in no time by a burst pipe or a slow leak that grows into a fast one.


Unfortunately, not all leak technicians are equal. Some of them are highly trained experts and others are essentially amateurs. The leak detection process is a highly sophisticated one that relies on experience, training, and technology. Our employees are seasoned professionals who have certifications from numerous comprehensive training courses. Their top priority is to detect leaks without destroying personal property. They will never, ever rip open a wall or tear down a ceiling unless they have positive confirmation of a leak. Our company does not believe in rolling the dice or going on fishing expeditions. We believe in experience and rely on the information that can be gathered if the proper procedures are followed.


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