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Coronavirus Cleaning Service

Understanding the Coronavirus

The outbreak of Coronavirus is raising serious safety and health concerns for people all across the world. Many homes, and businesses, have been contaminated and require treatment to reduce the potential spread of this virus. It is estimated that the virus can live nearly a week on uncleaned or unseen surfaces. Due to the continued growth and spread of the Coronavirus, many lives have been lost.

All Dry USA is an authorized dealer for TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. professional cleaning & disinfection services utilizing SteraMist to treat facilities and institutions concerned with Coronavirus (COVID-19). View Case Study.

All Dry USA is the leading bio-hazard remediation service and we now offer cleaning and disinfection services to help combat the Coronavirus. We can treat classrooms in under 75 minutes.  We can treat 10,000 sq. ft. in under 120 minutes. This includes hospitals, assisted living facilities, laboratories, medical facilities and equipment.




How Can We Clean Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly and progressively effecting more and more lives. According to the CDC, the virus can live on uncleaned or unseen surfaces for up to 7 days. People that may have come into contact with these surfaces can be infected without seeing symptoms until a couple weeks later. This makes the Coronavirus extremely hard to contain.

When you need biohazard remediation services for the Coronavirus, count on All Dry USA!

All Dry USA is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified, FDA  (Food and Drug Administration) approved and IICRC  (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) certified restoration company that follows all OSHA regulations and procedures.


TOMI Environmental Solutions INC – SteraMist

As an authorized dealer for TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc., a global company specializing in disinfection and decontamination, we utilize its premier Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) platform through its SteraMist products (a hydrogen peroxide-based mist and fog composed of ionized Hydrogen Peroxide) that will combat Corona virus.

“Already EPA-registered on lists J, K, G, and L, which include H1N1 or Influenza A (enveloped) and Norovirus (non-enveloped), TOMI anticipates to secure listing in the EPA’s upcoming publication of Emerging Pathogen Lists, which includes COVID-19. SteraMist was also featured as the only disinfectant product in the World Health Organization Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies.”

SteraMist is now the industry standard after TOMI recently received approval and registration for two (2) separate registrations – SteraMist equipment registration and BIT solution registration – from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC). With the latest outbreak, we are now able to take advantage of SteraMist disinfection and its ability to rapidly deploy throughout the country as needed.

Routinely used to disinfect high traffic areas, SteraMist iHP technology has treated public transportation, ambulances, hotel rooms, offices, and universities to stop the spread of this virus. With more than 50 international customers and partners ranging from countries in Asia, Europe, and the Mideast using hundreds of SteraMist units, many of which have been deployed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

No wipe down, no residue, no damage to any item or surface. This cleaning process also disinfects for multiple molds, fungus, bacteria and other viruses. While the Cornavirus is still developing, we will continue to consult the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) for updated cleaning solutions and approved disinfectants.


While All Dry USA follows strict protocols made public by the Center for Disease Control Prevention, there is no testing that exists that ensures total elimination of the corona virus. All Dry USA guarantees that its cleaning protocol curbs the spread and threat of COVID-19. We cannot guarantee the total eradication of the corona virus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process All Dry USA follows for commercial Coronavirus cleaning?

    Over at All Dry USA, we start our commercial COVID-19 cleaning by giving your space a full once-over. We want to get the lay of the land and understand the unique needs and obstacles each client faces. We implement a meticulous, CDC-guided cleaning protocol, encompassing the disinfection of high-touch surfaces, application of EPA-approved solutions, and utilization of advanced cleaning technology. And then, we move into our detailed decontamination and protection stage to make sure every single corner is taken care of. 
  • How does All Dry USA ensure the safety of its employees during Coronavirus cleaning?

    At All Dry USA, it's safety first, always. To ensure this during any commercial Coronavirus cleaning operations, we safeguard all our crews with personal protective gear (PPE) - gloves, masks, even protective suits - everything they need to stay safe on the job. Strict safety rules are followed, which involve social distancing rules on site, regular health check-ups for them, and ongoing training on all new health guidelines.
  • What types of businesses can benefit from All Dry USA’s commercial Coronavirus cleaning services?

    All Dry USA brings proficient, commercial-grade Coronavirus cleaning services to a broad range of businesses - from retail stores and workplaces to eateries, schools, medical facilities, and beyond. We serve any commercial entity looking for assurances of a sanitized, secure, and healthy environment for their employees as well as customers. Plus, we adapt our targeted service approach to meet the specific needs and industry regulations related to each enterprise type.
  • How quickly can All Dry USA respond to a request for commercial Coronavirus cleaning?

    All Dry USA is all about speed when it comes to requests for our excellent commercial Coronavirus cleaning services. We recognize the pressing needs and critical importance of keeping your environment squeaky clean. As soon as we receive your initial inquiry, our team is prepared for swift on-site deployment. From that first query call or email we receive, our team is primed and ready on deck for swift deployment. 
  • How to prevent cross-contamination during Coronavirus cleaning?

    To keep cross-contamination at bay during Coronavirus scrub-downs, All Dry USA adopts a systematic, scientifically-backed cleaning regimen. We meticulously segregate cleaning zones, utilize disposable materials where necessary, and employ a strict color-coded system for cleaning tools to avert cross-contamination between different areas of your commercial space. In addition to that, our skilled crew sticks to a disciplined way of disposing waste and decontaminating equipment, so every inch we clean stays pristine and secure. 
  • How does All Dry USA handle biohazardous waste generated during Coronavirus cleaning?

    All Dry USA adopts stringent, compliance-aligned procedures for managing biohazardous waste generated during Coronavirus cleaning. We follow the industry standards when collecting, differentiating, and dumping such waste - be it federal, state, or local laws. It's all about keeping our crew and your workspace free from any chance of contamination. 
  • What kind of training do All Dry USA technicians receive for handling Coronavirus cleaning?

    All Dry USA techs aren't just trained; they're rigorously educated in every aspect of commercial COVID-19 cleanup – for both safety and precision. The training envelops theoretical knowledge and practical applications of utilizing EPA-approved disinfectants, adhering to CDC guidelines, managing biohazardous waste, and effectively using personal protective equipment. Continuous upskilling is pivotal in our approach, enabling our team to navigate through varied commercial environments while assuring optimal virus mitigation.
  • Does All Dry USA use EPA-approved disinfectants for Coronavirus cleaning?

    Indeed, at All Dry USA, we solely use EPA-authorized disinfectants for all our commercial coronavirus cleaning operations. Making certain our disinfection process is effective and shielding the health of people in the spaces we clean, employing these EPA-approved cleansers is key to making sure that virus gets wiped out whilst adhering to legal guidelines.
  • Can All Dry USA accommodate after-hours or weekend commercial Coronavirus cleaning requests?

    All Dry USA is committed to flexibility and accommodating the distinct needs of our clients. We're all about offering after-hour and weekend commercial Coronavirus cleaning services, knowing that being non-disruptive during usual business hours is key for many operations. Our crew is on standby to deliver fast and thorough cleaning services when it suits your schedule, promising the utmost convenience without skimping on quality or thoroughness.
  • Do you offer any maintenance or follow-up services after the initial Coronavirus cleaning?

    Here at All Dry USA, we believe in long-term support through maintenance and follow-up action after the first wave of Coronavirus cleanup. Our offerings can be tailored to your needs, including routine check-ups, extra rounds of cleanings, and ongoing advice to guarantee your commercial space stays consistently clean and safe. Our follow-up solutions are adaptable to meet your specific demands—promising persistent cleanliness and safety.


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