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Protect Your Property After the Storm

There are few things more frightening than severe weather. No one knows that better than Floridians. Tropical storms and hurricanes threaten the state on an annual basis. Even if they don’t make landfall, a powerful storm can cause damage to homes and businesses on or near the coast. It is possible to protect structures from inclement weather, but owners must act fast, both before and after a storm!

Board-Up Services

Most residents of the Sunshine State know that placing boards over vulnerable entryways, such as windows and doors, can protect their homes and businesses from the elements. While it is possible to complete this task on your own, a professional board-up company can save you time and money. Not only will they fit each board to match each entryway, they also secure them with plastic hurricane clips. Safe and secure, these devices not only prevent damage to door and window frames, they also ensure that the fitted boards can be reused when another storm appears on the horizon.

After the Storm

Believe it or not, your business may actually be in more danger after a storm passes than before it arrives. When areas and entire regions sustain damage, they are often closed off to the public for several days. This gives unscrupulous individuals the opportunity they need to rob, loot, and vandalize structures that offer them entry.


Because they often contain expensive electronic equipment, such as computers, servers, copiers, and assorted supplies, businesses are a high-priority target for these thieves. The more secure your building is, the less likely they are to try to get inside.


While boarding up your business before a storm is always a good idea, boards can come loose or be destroyed by a violent tropical cyclone or hurricane. And though these areas may be closed to the public, certified professionals are often allowed in soon after.

What We Do

If we boarded up your business before a storm, we will make certain that all of the entryways are secured after it passes, thereby discouraging scofflaws and other criminals. If a board has been damaged by the storm, we will replace it before we leave.


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