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Your Roof Leak May Require a Roof Tarp

One of the toughest times for any homeowner is when the roof over their heads begins to leak. Florida can get hit with some pretty nasty rainfall, and hurricane season is one of the most trying times for homeowners anywhere in the United States. The potential price tag on storm damage to your roof is astronomical. If you have to replace your roof, you could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in costs. And that’s not even considering the damage done to the inside of your home! If your roof springs a leak, the most important first step is to have All Dry USA perform an emergency roof tarp installation with the help of your neighborhood Florida roofing experts.

Roof leaks have a number of possible causes. Strong winds can blast shingles away and leave the roof deck exposed. The same winds also blow around debris, which can strike your home and pierce or crush parts of the roof. And precipitation itself can pool in already-damaged areas of the roof, weakening the roof deck and leaking into the house. Each and every time there’s a big storm over your home, it’s essential that you have your roof inspected to be sure it didn’t take damage. But if it did, don’t worry! An emergency roof tarp job is all you need to do to keep your family safe and dry until you can get a proper repair scheduled and performed.

What to Know About Emergency Roof Tarping

A tarp, or tarpaulin, is a heavy sheet of canvas that’s treated with polyurethane or polyethylene; this makes it incredibly sturdy and water-resistant. Tarps are great covers for all kinds of property; people even use them to protect cars and expensive lawn equipment. As long as a tarp is properly secured overtop of your home, it’ll serve as adequate temporary protection for up to 90 days.

You can easily learn about how to tarp a roof on your own. However, we always recommend contacting a professional roofer! Working on your roof is dangerous, even if you’ve been up there before. Save yourself the trouble and the risk, and let your reputable local experts at All Dry USA handle the job for you. We’ll haul the tarp up for you, get it secured, and work with you to get your roof repaired in no time at all.

Even if you do go the way of tarping your roof yourself, make sure you take pictures for your insurance company. They’ll be happy to see that you’re doing everything you can to prevent further damage from your home. And, in many cases, they may even reject a roof repair claim on grounds of negligence if they don’t believe you took the proper preventative care steps to keep the leak from racking up more costs.

Although your tarp will hold up for 90 days, you can probably tell that it doesn’t look very nice on your roof. Contact us today to get a free quote and $50 off your emergency roof tarp service to get those repairs moving fast!


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