what to do when your garbage disposal is leaking

What To Do If Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking – Quick Guide

As a homeowner, there are certain things that you need to prepare for in advance. With all of those interior and exterior appliances that keep your house running, it is only a matter of time before something could go wrong.

One of the more common appliances that may be susceptible to leaking is your garbage disposal. This unit performs a pretty important task, so it is crucial to detect when there may be a leak.

Read on for some quick tips from our experts on how to fix garbage disposal leaking.

Detect the Location of the Leak

As with any leak, the first thing you want to do is find its source. Take some time to move everything else out of the way of the leaking water to limit as much damage as possible. Make sure that you unplug the unit from the drain and move the chord away from any standing water – safety first!

This kitchen appliance can develop leaks in various places, so you must take the time to do a thorough inspection of the entire unit.

One place to look is where the garbage disposal line meets the sink. This location comes in contact with a lot of running water, making it a prime location for a leak.

Garbage disposal leaking from the bottom of the unit is also a frequent problem, so this hidden spot is an excellent place to start looking.

If neither of these locations seems to be the spot of the leak, you can also look at any other parts of the pipe or hose. These parts can also deteriorate after a lot of use.

“My Garbage Disposal Is Leaking Water”: The Quick Fix

Once you have found the leak, you need to make it a priority to fix it – and we are here to tell you exactly how to seal garbage disposal. Most leaks may seem minor but, if left untouched, can often grow into a much larger problem. Early detection is vital, so you are already on the right track to fixing your disposal!

Leaks Coming from the Top of the Unit

If your system was leaking from the top where the sink meets the line, you are in luck! This issue is typically an easy fix, and the needed tools and pieces are inexpensive.

As stated above, this part of the disposal deals with a lot of flowing water. The seal can falter once it has been in use for a while.

A quick way to fix this type of leak is to tighten any screws or replace the putty surrounding the flange. You must seal this piece to ensure that water isn’t escaping the sink through any small cracks that would cause a leak.

Replacing or securing this piece should quickly resolve the problem if your leak is coming from the top of the unit.

Leaks Coming from the Sides of the Unit

Luckily, this type of leak is also relatively easy to fix – even for homeowners with minimal to no plumbing experience.

If you notice a spot on the pipes or lines causing the leak, there are some crucial things to consider.

If the water seems to come from where the pipes connect, tighten, and secure these pipes. See if that resolves the leak.

Once you have given this a go, you may still notice some leaking. If this is the case, the pipe or line will likely need replacing.

Many garbage disposals that have been in use for many years will face this problem as pipes age. It is in your best interest to regularly check on them and replace them whenever necessary.

Are you worried about taking on the task yourself? One of our experts would be happy to assist you and complete the repair to perfection!

Leaks Coming from the Bottom of the Unit

As with any appliance, some repair costs may outweigh the benefits. If you have garbage disposal leaking from the bottom of the unit, you will likely need to replace the disposal fully.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to learn how to fix a disposal leaking from the bottom. These leaks point to more significant problems within the entire unit, meaning even a quick fix would result in more leaks and more costly repairs in the near future.

Installing a garbage disposal is no small task and one best left to the pros. At All Dry USA, we are happy to install your new unit and help get your sink back up and running in no time.

Assess the Damage

After you have the new unit installed, take some time to assess any damage that may have resulted from the leaking. Hopefully, you were able to detect the leak early enough that the damage is little to none. Still, the best practice is to inspect the area exposed to water.

The area under the sink is especially susceptible to mold growth as it is a dark and humid environment. You can use cleaners and disinfectants to rid the general area of any mold growth. You can also ask our experts to inspect the area in its entirety to ensure no worse damage ensued.

Routine cleaning will also keep you updated on the state of your new disposal. It will allow you ample time to detect any new or existing issues.

Garbage disposals are a handy appliance that many of us much appreciate having in our home. As a homeowner, we know that you want what is best for their house so that it can continue to work and run properly for many years to come.

Bottom Line

If you are worried that you may have a leak and are unsure what to do next, try out a few of these suggestions and see if you can resolve it all on your own! Reach out to All Dry USA with any concerns, and our experts would be happy to help you get the job done right.

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