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Hailstorms in New Windsor, NY

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New Windsor hailstorms can come without warning. Inflicted hail damage might not be noticeable at first, but it can take a significant toll on your home, including roof damage, broken windows, or ruined siding.

If you’ve experienced or suspect hail damage to your property, contact All Dry USA immediately.

Our team will respond quickly to your requests and help to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

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Does New Windsor Get Hail?

Yes, New Windsor, NY, can experience hail. Located in the northeastern region of the United States, New York is more likely to experience a humid continental climate, especially being close to the Atlantic Ocean. The excess moisture increases the chances of hail formation.

Is Hail Common in New Windsor?

Due to its eastern region, New Windsor is influenced by continental and maritime air masses, creating an environment prone to thunderstorms. During severe thunderstorms, updrafts carry raindrops, where the temperature freezes these droplets and becomes hailstones. They can be as small as a pebble or as large as grapefruit.

Also, scientists expect hailstorms to become more frequent in response to warming climate changes.

What Are the Hazards Associated With Hailstorms?

While hailstones can be as tiny as pebbles, they’re nothing to scoff at. A well-aimed pellet can inflict damage on you or your property. Here are the hazards associated with hail storms to be better prepared.

Hazardous to Driving

Your car is surrounded by windows, leaving you prone to shattered windshields. Even small hailstones flying at high velocities can cause cracks, dents, and shattered windows on your vehicle.

Furthermore, as hail pours down, it’s easy for your field of vision to become impaired, making it challenging and dangerous to navigate roadways.

Can Cause Damage to Humans, Animals, Property

At high speeds, hail can penetrate through roofs and glass structures. Roofs, windows, and siding are particularly susceptible to impact from hailstones.

This can compromise your home’s exterior, leaving the interior vulnerable to flying debris and insects.

If you or your pet are outside during a hailstorm, you’ll want to take cover to avoid potential bruises, cuts, or more severe injury. In rare cases where hailstones strike the head, they may cause concussions or other head injuries.

Preparing for a Hailstorm

Now that you know the hazards of a hailstorm, we’ve prepared tips on how to prepare for one, so you can protect your property and loved ones.

  • Inspect and maintain your roof: Your roof is your line of defense and should be inspected regularly. Always replace damaged or broken shingles without delay. Even minor defects can be susceptible to hail damage.
  • Keep your trees and shrubbery well-trimmed: Reduce the risk of branches or trees falling into your home during a storm. Maintain your trees and shrubbery in the yard, and pay close attention to branches directly over the roof or windows.
  • Properly maintain your outdoor area: Heavy winds from hailstorms can bring flying debris into your home. Replace gravel or rock landscaping material with shredded bark that won’t cause harm when blown by strong wind gusts.
  • Create an emergency kit: Have an emergency kit with all the essential supplies, such as first-aid, medication, water, and food.
  • Know your insurance policy and coverage: Check that your policy protects against hail to relieve the financial burden. A good insurance policy should cover most of the cost.

Staying Safe During a Hailstorm

Once hailstones begin falling, take these proactive measures to stay safe:

  • Stay indoors: It’s recommended to stay indoors until the hail stops. Ensure that all family members, pets, and other home occupants are accounted for.
  • Turn off all outside lights: If hail strikes a bulb, turning off outside flood lights or spotlights reduces the chances of an electrical fire.
  • Close your drapes: Close your drapes and stay far away from windows. Ideally, you’ll want to head to the basement, if possible – anywhere with fewer windows.
  • If driving, pull over: When driving, immediately pull over safely on a roadside. Then turn your back to the windows and take cover under a blanket. This helps to protect your face from potential broken glass.
  • Avoid using electrical equipment: Hailstorms may lead to damaged electrical equipment or power outages. Also, avoid using the phone since lightning can travel through telephone lines.

What To Do Following a Hailstorm

Once the storm has subsided, you must proceed cautiously to avoid injuries, accidents, or further damage. Here’s what you can do:

  • Document damages in your home: Take pictures and record videos of damages to your home. It should accurately detail the damages in your yard and the exterior and interior of your property.
  • Prioritize emergency situations first: Take care of extreme leaks or collapsing roofs. That’s where having a clean-up and restoration crew like All Dry USA can help. Our experienced team will place tarps to cover the area to prevent further damage while they perform repairs.
  • File a claim: Once you’ve documented the damage, file a claim with your insurance company. They will assess the damage with an insurance adjuster and provide financial compensation.
  • Stay alert: Keep updated with the national weather report to receive updates about what’s going on and potential hazards around you.
  • Eat safe food and water only: After a storm, water pipes can be compromised. Always throw away perishable foods, especially if they haven’t been refrigerated due to power outages.

Suffering From Hailstorm Damage in New Windsor, NY? ADU Can Help

Hail Storms in New Windsor are costly and dangerous phenomena that could cause major damage to your home – especially if you’re unprepared.

By knowing the risks and having a storm-preparedness plan, you can better protect yourself and minimize the damage in its aftermath.

That said, if hail has already poured into your home, it’s essential to have it inspected by professionals like All Dry USA. Our specialized team can detect damages hidden from the untrained eye. Our experts offer restoration and remediation services, including water damage and mold removal. Get in touch with us today!


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