Why You Should Let A Pro Clean Your Tiles and Grout

Why You Should Let A Pro Clean Your Tiles and Grout

Once upon a time, your tiles and grout were sparkling clean. Then, you realized that things were getting dirty. Keeping your tiles and grout properly clean is essential for a few reasons, and we are going to explain why.

If you start to notice your grout blackening or become spotty with mold, we recommend calling the pros as this isn’t always something you can remove yourself. Disinfecting surfaces properly is a lot more involved than just a bit of bleach and a sponge.

Professional tile and grout cleaners can enhance the longevity of your tile by preventing damage to both the tile and grout. Moreover, they ensure the surfaces remain free from dirt and grime, which is crucial for maintaining the durability of the tile. As a result, you can save money in the long run by reducing the need for costly replacements and restoration services.

Whether it’s just everyday wear or more severe circumstances like water damage or mold, we have six excellent reasons why you should hire professionals to clean your tiles and grout.

#1: Bacteria Removal

Tiled floors, such as those in your bathroom and kitchen, don’t just get dirty. There is a good chance they have bacteria on them. A study by Charles River Laboratories International found high microbial concentration on kitchen and bathroom objects and that yeasts and molds can grow on porcelains and laminates. Without regular deep cleaning, these things can worsen and become detrimental to your health and your home.

The last thing you want is to attempt to clean your floor surfaces only to end up spreading bacteria all around. After all, bacteria can spread from one surface to another, hence the big difference between cleaning and disinfecting. A professional inspection and cleaning is the safest way to protect your home and get your grout clean and bacteria-free.

If you need to deep clean, don’t get down on your knees and get to scrubbing on your own. Call the professionals as they will have the right tools, such as solvents, concentrated clearing solutions, and microbial cleaning units, to remove bacteria properly.

#2: Deep Dirt Removal

The reason why your grout and tiles are dirty, it’s because the dirt is not superficial. In fact, in your home, there are layers of dirt you can’t perceive with the naked eye. A kitchen can look spotless, but it can still be contaminated with organisms that cause disease. This is where a professional cleaner is required.

Cleaning your tile and grout by removing visible dirt is essential, but it is equally important to do a deep clean to remove the unseen dirt. Any disinfectants and sanitizers that work well will kill almost all bacteria and viruses. Be sure you choose the right professionals with the right tools and solutions to clean your grout and tile.

Why You Should Let A Pro Clean Your Tiles and Grout

#3: Mold Remediation

That dirt in your grout may be mold. If you’ve had any kind of water damage, such as a burst pipe or even flooding, that means there’s been moisture present. This can quickly lead to a fungus infestation.

People assume mold is a green, slimy mess, and that isn’t unfounded. However, mold can grow in different colors, and it can thrive pretty much anywhere. If you’ll be cleaning your grout and tile and you believe there’s mold on it, wait. Mold can spread. Once a mold spore lands on materials that feed it, such as organic materials, it can spread and eventually cause structural damage.

If you’ve had water damage or a leak and suspect your grout or tile may be moldy, call AllDryUSA and let us do the work. Mold can be detrimental to your health, affecting your eyes, skin, and even lungs.

#4: Tile Care

Tiles are made of different materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, marble, and even glass. Especially if you’ve experienced mold, each of these materials requires different care.

After you’ve cleaned up the damage, extending the life of your tile depends on how well you treat it. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to care for it because you don’t know what it’s made from. This is especially true if you’re not the property’s original owner or if it’s a rental.

You can guess it’s marble, but if you’re not sure, call on a professional. Those with the right knowledge will help you determine what type of tile you have and professionally clean it. Using the right tools and cleaning solution, cleaners will give you tips on maintaining your tiles until your next deep clean.

#5: Damage Prevention

At times, people can harm their tiles by trying to clean them with incorrect supplies. Not caring correctly for tile may cause damage, such as changing the tint of its color and even causing damage to its structure.

You should know which materials can take specific cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are sometimes made of harsh chemicals, and the last thing you want is to cause damage to your tile because you were trying to clean it.

#6: Money Savings

How much money did you spend trying to get the right cleaning supplies and tools to do it yourself? How about that brush you spent time researching? You don’t have to worry about tools, equipment, or items when you hire someone else with it already. We bring everything with us so we don’t have to buy something you may not need in the future.

Remember, sweeping and mopping isn’t the same as maintaining your tile and grout healthy. Getting your floors professionally cleaned periodically may be cheaper in the end because it not only saves you money on supplies but precious time.

And, as you’ve read, trying to clean your tile surfaces without professional tools can spread bacteria. Now that you know mold is quick to spread, hire a professional immediately to stop the infestation if you see it. Get the pros at AllDryUSA to help identify and fix the problem.

In Conclusion

We’ve given you six great reasons to have your tile and grout cleaned by our experts. We are All Dry USA, and we’re licensed in repairing and restoring property damage, including tile and grout cleaning. Whether it is because of everyday use or unexpected damage, we want to help you restore your property’s value back to tip-top shape.

When you need your tile and grout cleaned by a well-established, professional company, or if you suspect you have mold, contact your experts at All Dry USA today!

Why You Should Let A Pro Clean Your Tiles and Grout
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