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Mold growth is a severe problem that can affect any building. In most cases, property owners don’t even know mold colonies are forming and can reducing their indoor air quality. Being aware of mold growth in your home or business will help you take early action and prevent a host of health issues, including allergies, illnesses, and respiratory problems.

At All Dry USA, we offer professional mold inspection services to property owners in the Highland Park, IL, area. It is part of our extensive mold remediation services, but we also offer it as a stand-alone solution to maximize your available options.

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What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that consists of multicellular filaments and spreads by releasing spores. Mold spores are everywhere, and they can enter your building in several ways. A single spore in a moist, warm area can quickly form a large colony that continuously spreads outward.

Because mold colonies thrive in moist environments, they typically grow in air ducts and around water pipes. If the humidity levels in your building are high, mold can grow everywhere, including in the walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. Floods and other forms of water damage typically cause rapid mold growth.

Mold colonies emit allergens that cause health issues and an unpleasant, muddy smell. Because these colonies are not always visible, it is critical to schedule regular mold detection services.

When Should You Schedule a Mold Inspection?

You can prevent mold growth by ventilating your building and maintaining your plumbing, roof, and appliances. When a mold spore lands on a dry area, it will not reproduce and form a colony. When your building is dry with low humidity, you won’t need to schedule routine mold inspections.

It is critical to schedule a mold inspection appointment in the following situations:

  • A flood, burst pipe, appliance malfunction, roof leak, or any other event that causes water damage
  • You are in the process of buying or renting a new home
  • There are traces of mold present in wall cracks, window sills, or other locations
  • The house has been unoccupied and unventilated for longer than a month

After completing an inspection and a mold test, we’ll provide you with a detailed report for your insurance company and go over your removal options with you if applicable.

Want to learn more about preventing mold growth in your home or business? Check out our blog.

Our Mold Remediation Services

We will test your indoor air for mold spores. If we detect mold in your house, we will determine how serious the infestation is and what type of mold you’re dealing with.

Next, we will recommend mold remediation. With this service, we will locate the mold colonies in your building, isolate them to prevent the spread of spores, and remove them from the building entirely. In some cases, you may have to replace any unsalvageable drywall or sheetrock.

Our team will also locate the moisture source that feeds the mold and repair it. For example, if the high humidity levels in your home are the result of a burst pipe, we will repair the leak to ensure the area remains dry.

After mold remediation, we will sanitize the area with an anti-microbial treatment to prevent future mold growth.

Make sure your indoor air is clean and healthy with a mold inspection service from All Dry USA in Highland Park, IL. Contact us today at (312) 242-0878 to schedule a professional mold test.


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Blake said he could come over between 3 and 4 that day. I was very happy as was very concerned about a possible mold problem and would need to take care of as soon as possible. Blake told me that since I hadn't had any water damage or leaks, that it may not be mold, but he would come out and look. Highly recommend.


They were on time and quick. When I called back a few weeks later to get something in writing for the insurance company they emailed me back within an hour. This type of fast service is hard to find.


Their teams were very helpful, easy to talk to, and truly knowledgeable. The lead technician (Zsolt), was extremely insightful and tenacious while on the job, and walked me through each part of the process. Their management team is extremely friendly, professional, and accommodating! I feel like they genuinely want to satisfy the customer and will go out of their way to do so. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.



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