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Hurricane Dorian Repair & Restoration 24/7 Emergency Services

Dorian is taking the Florida & North Carolina coastline by storm. If you are the owner of commercial or residential properties, you may have sustained damage to your home or commercial property.

In the aftermath of this event, our professional clean up crew at All Dry USA can provide the restoration services help you need. Be sure to program our number in your phone (888) 998-2379.

We are a full service licensed general contractor. Our experts offer a wide range of emergency and restoration services for both residential and commercial properties in Florida and North Carolina. Our services can repair any destruction on your property in a short amount of time, so that you can return to business as usual.




Emergency Roof Tarp & Repair Services

One of the most common problems to properties after a hurricane is roof or window leaks. These can cause mold to grow within the structure of the home.

At All Dry USA, we offer 24/7 services to properties all over the state. Our experts can complete a full interior moisture inspection and assess damage. At this point, we can utilize tarp to prevent further damage due to leaking and continued rain and storms.

Tarping is temporary until a full repair can be completed. It protects the property to keep water out so that residents can sleep soundly in a secure home. Our experts can then return to the property to complete a full roof repair after the storm has passed.

If Hurricane Dorian has caused leaking or roof damage to your property, call our pros at All Dry USA. We can attend to the damage within a few hours with our emergency service team.

Mold, Water & Flood Damage Services

A major post-storm ailment likely to affect properties up and down the coast is mold. This is due to leaking, flooding, and general water damage. This small problem can quickly become huge and unmanageable. This is why our 24/7 emergency services are so important. We can investigate your commercial or residential property quickly and assess damage.

Mold can be a major health hazard if inhaled, and water damage can quickly ruin the structural integrity of a home. We want our clients to live and work happily in their properties after Hurricane Dorian, which is why we offer free water extraction services for US Military Active Duty and Veterans.

Contact us at All Dry USA for a full mold removal service. We can use our dehumidifiers and fans to remove excess water, at which point we can conduct mold testing to determine which chemicals will treat it effectively. Once we have the results back, we can begin to remove mold residue on walls and ceilings. We don’t cut corners or rush the process. We use our cutting-edge technology to fully restore your property to its pre-hurricane condition.

Fast, Efficient, Thorough

When a hurricane like Dorian hits, it puts our lives on hold. Property damage can mean that opening up for business after the storm isn’t possible. It can mean that residents don’t have a secure place to sleep for the night. Our goal as storm restoration experts in Florida and North Carolina is to minimize this damage and get you back to your life as soon as possible.

Our licensed practice has helped numerous businesses and residents to restore their properties after major hurricanes. We are highly experienced with this type of damage. Our professionals have the training and experience to manage damage from fires, burst pipes, leaks, and floods.

Call Us ASAP for Hurricane Dorian Cleanup!

The sooner you call, the sooner we can investigate damage and begin the restoration process. Calls within 24-36 hours of initial damage are less likely to have mold. This means that repairs will be faster and cheaper for you.

Call us today (888) 998-2379 to get started restoring your damaged property after Hurricane Dorian. At All Dry USA, we are here to help. Our licensed pros are available around the clock to answer questions and offer a free quote to interested clients.

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