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How to Keep Your House Warm Without Electricity: 15 Easy Tips

If your power goes out, you may worry about staying warm without your usual heating methods – particularly in the middle of winter. Blizzards with snow, ice, and wind often result in the loss of power, and this can be at best inconvenient and at worst dangerous and even fatal.

You should have a backup plan for keeping yourself and your home warm if there’s a power outage. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to stay cozy without electricity.

Our team at All Dry USA offers 15 easy tips to prevent you and your home from getting too cold when the power goes out.

1. Block Up Cracks and Crevices

While you might not notice it when your house is heated, small cracks and crevices around windows and doors can let in more cold air than you think.

Use towels or other thick material to block drafts and secure them with tape. Granted, this doesn’t look great, but it’s certainly worth doing if you want to stay warm!

2. Wear Plenty of Layers

When the temperature in your house drops, you can keep yourself warm by wearing more clothes. But, don’t just grab your jumper or coat – it’s all about insulating layers to keep you warm.

Layer a vest, short sleeve top, long sleeve top, sweater, and then your coat (or even dressing gown if you want to be extra cozy).

Hats, gloves, socks, and slippers can help ward off the cold if temperatures are particularly low. You should also stay indoors and avoid opening your house up and letting cold air get inside.

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3. Use Candles (Safely)

Many people use candles as decorative light rather than heat sources, but they actually give off a lot of warmth. Place several candles together on a table for a neutral heat source.

Always be safe when using candles, and never place them near flammable materials or somewhere they could easily fall over. Make sure all candles are put out before you go to bed.

4. Have Blinds Open in the Day and Shut at Night

Use the blinds and/or curtains you already have to your benefit. When the power is out, ensure windows are uncovered in the day to get as much warmth from daylight as possible. At night, close the blinds to trap warm air inside and stop any drafts from getting in.

5. Keep Yourself and Pets Warm with Blankets

As well as wearing layers of clothing, use extra blankets to keep your body temperature up in the evenings and at night. Don’t forget that any four-legged friends will also need to be kept warm without electricity, so offer them an extra blanket or two.

6. Grab Your Sleeping Bags

Because sleeping bags are designed for outdoor use, they offer more insulation and warmth than standard blankets. If you have them, consider using them at night during a power outage.

7. Do Some Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise raises your body temperature quickly and efficiently. Just 5 minutes of running on the sport or jumping jacks will have you feeling warmer instantly. If you have children, play energetic games to keep everybody warm.

8. Consume Warm Drinks

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and bowls of soup will help keep your body warm. With no power, you’ll have to use a camping stove or candle to heat your drinks. Try to have a hot drink every hour or two to feel the real benefits.

9. Put Up a Tent Indoors

If you’ve ever been on a camping trip, you’ll know how quickly tents get warm. If you’re really struggling with the cold in your home, consider pitching your tent in the lounge! It’s a quick and easy way to trap body sheep and provides you with a warm, cozy environment.

10. Use Water Bottles

If you can heat water on a gas camping stove or candle, put it in a water bottle for a heat source that will last a few hours. You can do the same with bags of beans. Put one by the fire and then use it to snuggle up with.

11. Sit in Your Car

If you’ve tried to keep yourself warm inside the house but are still feeling too chilly, try sitting in your car while idling it in your drive.

It’s extremely important that you don’t do this in your garage, as you could get a build-up of the highly toxic gas carbon monoxide.

12. Fire Up Your Grill or Fire Pit

If you do need to go outdoors, use your grill or fire pit to keep you warm. Never take a grill or fire pit indoors, as this poses a serious fire risk and builds up carbon monoxide.

13. Get Solar Heaters

Be prepared for the power going out by having solar heaters for your home. These useful devices use the sun to heat your house.

While they’re quite expensive to heat a whole house, you could invest in a single panel and use it to heat one room if you live in an area frequently affected by power outages.

14. Get a Back-up Generator

Like the above, this probably won’t help you if you’re in the midst of a power outage already. However, it’s worth being prepared if it happens again, and investing in a back-up generator will enable you to have some power in your house should the electricity go out.

15. Visit a Warming Center

Many states operate warming centers when there are serious power outages. If you don’t have electricity, see what resources are available in your local area, including shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a House Stay Warm Without Power?

A house will begin to lose heat as soon as the power cuts. Depending on environmental conditions, it should stay warm for 8-12 hours.

Can You Have Heat Without Electricity?

Yes. Portable heaters and backup generators can prove to be lifesavers when it comes to freezing powercuts.

How do You Boil Water Without Electricity?

Wood stoves or fireplaces are both perfect for this purpose. Portable, emergency stoves can also prove helpful.

Can I Boil Water to Stay Warm?

Yes. Filling a hot water bottle with boiling water is a perfect way to stay warm throughout the colder months.


You can do lots of things to keep yourself and your home warm when there’s a power outage. Remember that safety is paramount when using heat sources such as open flames inside your house, so take extra care and ensure you never fall asleep with an open flame still lit.

If you need help, contact All Dry USA today. We’re a team of full-service general contractors that can help you prepare your house for the next power outage with draft exclusion and back-up power sources. We can check for any draft areas and make your home heat-proof.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help!

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