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What to Do When You Find Mold in Your Home

If you suspect that your home has a fungus growing inside it, it is only natural to want to remove it immediately. However, some molds are dangerous and should be treated with proper caution, so don’t panic and jump to rash action just yet.

First – Identify and Verify

First, you should determine if you actually have a fungus problem by looking for some of these basic signs:

  • Visual Signs

One of the most common visual signs is surface fungus, which is basically any visual sign of water intrusion. These can include peeling paint, bulging walls, discoloration, or anything else that may have been caused by a roof leak or broken pipe that wasn’t completely dried out.

  • Suspicious Scents

If you notice a musty smell around your home, that could be a sign that you have mold growing somewhere. This is generally caused by a water intrusion, such as a flooded basement that was not able to be completely dried out within a fast-enough period of time – usually one or two days. You should know what to do if you experience any flooding on your property, whether it be from a storm or from broken water pipes. The faster you take action, the less likely mold will get a chance to develop.

  • Physical Symptoms

Experiencing physical symptoms that seem to completely disappear or at least lessen when you are not at home could be a sign that you have mold in your home. These physical symptoms can include red eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, and sneezing.

Steps You Should Take When You Find Mold

Here are the steps you should follow if you do find mold in your home:

1. Identify How Severe the Problem is

If you notice anything suspicious in your house, the best thing to do is to contact an experienced fungus tester. Do this even before trying to clean it up yourself in order to protect yourself from potentially health-threatening molds.

This trained tester will perform a thorough inspection and they are able to uncover all the mold threats that exist in your house. They will also be able to provide you with the best course of action for what to do next.

2. Determine the Cause of the Mold

You don’t want this issue to keep returning, so try to find out what is causing the growth of fungus. Make sure you repair any leaks in your roof, or any busted pipes. You can even check and make sure that the level your humidifier is set at isn’t too high. Even a small leak or consistent excess of moisture from humidity can lead to mold developing.

If you are unable to determine the cause, an expert can assist you to make sure your health isn’t affected by mold in the future.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Sometimes fungus removal is covered in your insurance policy, so contact your insurance company to find out. This is usually dependent on the cause of the mold, but it varies from case to case.

4. Have the Mold Removed from Your Home

Now is the time to get that fungus out of your home and out of your life completely. If it is less than a 3 ft by 3 ft patch, and your fungus tester said it is safe to clean yourself, you can try cleaning it using a combination of water and bleach and allowing it to completely dry out. If the spot is any larger than that, contact a professional to safely take care of it.

If you decide to contact a professional business, you should look at your local options and get a few estimates. Contacting different companies allows you to choose the one that you think will do the most thorough job. Asking around for references is a good way to gain insight on a company’s reputation, but you can also check with the local Better Business Bureau.

Your Local Mold-Removal Experts

If you need help with water damage, fire damage, carpet cleaning, or any other emergency repair work, you don’t need to worry any longer – All Dry USA offers 24/7 emergency restoration help, so no matter what time you encounter a mold or flood emergency you can contact our exceptional team for assistance.

When it comes to your home and your safety, you shouldn’t wait or have to compromise on your services. Visit our website to contact us for more information about how to cleanse your house!

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