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What Are the Most Common Water Damages That Result from a Hurricane?

Hurricanes cause water levels to rise at alarmingly high rates. Sometimes they’ll rise by several meters, and when they hit shore, the results are damaging. Combined with powerful winds and heavy rains, homeowners are looking at disastrous effects for their homes.

When a powerful storm like this one hits, your property is vulnerable to destruction, flooding. Many times, a hurricane will completely wipe out an area. The most destructive part is the storm surge. According to meteorologists, when a tropical storm reaches 74 mph, they are hurricanes.

If you live in a coastal state, you need to prepare yourself and your family for these types of catastrophic events. Staying safe needs to be your number one priority. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your home is vulnerable to water damage no matter the level of the hurricane. Below are some of the most common water damages that result from a hurricane – and what you can do in the aftermath to ensure the best and smoothest cleanup possible.

1. Flooding

Hurricanes have the power of wiping out entire communities. They are the downside of living in coastal states, particularly in the southeast United States. Flooding is so common because it can happen in more ways than one. Perhaps there is heavy rainfall or a nearby lake or river is overflowing. Sometimes hurricanes take the water from your pool and leak it into your home.

Whatever the case, water that seeps into the foundation of your home is very damaging. It can affect the home’s overall structure. It can rot the wood, create toxic mold, and require you to complete costly repairs. While these problems may seem like a horrible headache, at All Dry USA, we do everything in our power to handle these problems for you.

During a strong rainstorm, water can leak through your roof. Rivers or lakes can overflow flooding your property. There are so many random catastrophes that can cause your home to flood. When serious water damage happens, give us a call, and we will take care of your situation immediately.

2. Burst Pipes

Strong winds break windows, letting rain seep in. They have the power to damage and even burst pipes. When this happens, you’re looking at inches of water within your home. After the storm passes, you need to fix this problem immediately to avoid as much damage as possible.

You can avoid this problem by inspecting the pipes in your home every year. If you don’t know how to tell a worn-out pipe from a decent one, hire an expert to take care of this for you. A reliable provider will be able to tell you which pipes need replacing versus which ones are still in good standing condition.

3. Sewer Backup

Heavy rainfall often leads to sewer backup, which can fill up your property with sewage. Not only does this bring funny odors into your home, but it can also affect the overall foundation of your properly. This is very common after a hurricane has hit. In the event that a sewer is near you, contact us at your earliest convenience to clean and dry your home.

Any of these damages can really compromise the quality and value of your home or business. Hurricanes have the power to destroy walls, cabinets, floors, and so much more. When water damage enters your home, call a company you can trust. All Dry USA fixes your home problems as soon as possible to avoid any further, unnecessary damage.

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Homeowners who live in hurricane-prone regions like Florida or North Carolina need to know what measures to take before and after a hurricane hits. There is a lot of property damage and dwelling associated with a hurricane. Since they come with little to no warning, the results can be devastating which is why you need a company you can trust to rise to the occasion.

At All Dry USA, we handle disasters of any size to get your home back to pristine condition. We respond quickly to your needs after a disastrous event like a hurricane hitting your community. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today!


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